Monday, July 29, 2013

Dot and Army Cloth Napkin Giveaway!

     Hey guys, while we're on our way home from the lake, I wanted to offer this rad giveaway from Dot and Army. I have been a big fan of Jennifer's store ever since I first heard of it. We stopped using paper napkins and towels a few years ago and haven't missed them one bit. We use cloth napkins at meals and sponges and rags for big messes (since you asked :). I love how the Dot and Army napkins aren't just for fancy occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving (although she makes some for those too). They're for everyday use and they make meals seem special and fun. 

     I think sometimes people worry using cloth napkins might be a hassle, but it really isn't. A lot of times I use them for a few meals at a time if we aren't being too sloppy and once they get dirty (taco tuesday), I just toss them in the wash with the clothes and they come clean. Obviously a main perk of using them is that they are way better for the earth than paper which is always good in my book. 

     Today's giveaway is for an eco friendly kitchen starter set of your choice and color! This is a set of 24 cloth napkins in a mix of prints all in one color (worth about $75). 

Also, Dot and Army is having a Christmas in July sale, 20% all orders through July 31st. Enter code: MERRYSUMMER20 at checkout.

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  1. Wow! They're gorgeous! On our blog we designed some cloth napkins a few weeks ago. To make them out of vintage fabric is an even better idea. I'll keep that in mind :-)


  2. My sister made me a few cloth napkins for Christmas and I use them ALL the time. I would love to have more!!! These are so cute.

  3. This is great--I used to have cloth napkins growing up. I need to get back into it! Thanks!

  4. Cute! We use cloth napkins all the time, it is so easy and less paper needed.

  5. Eco-friendly AND adorable. Definitely my kind of thing!

  6. Oh how creative! I've been bored of using the same paper ones for years, these would be an awesome alternative.


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