Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sailing in the Past

 As you read this, we are on to a new adventure sailing in the Seychelles for my dad's 60th birthday, hopefully not wanting to throw each other overboard. Because, you know, it's not totally out of the question.  

I'll miss you guys, but hopefully not the internet (if I'm missing that, I must be missing something!)

While I'm away, I thought I'd share some of the tales from the last time we did a trip like this. From eating it while surfing, to sailing in gale force winds, to getting in a family fight and all the beautiful scenery and memories in between, I hope it paints a portrait of our family when we travel. I'm not sure how I'll share our story this time around. Sometimes it's weird for me to look back on things I've written in the past. I feel like I might do it differently now, but it's all part of the journey, all part of my story. So here it is, something I wrote a year and a half ago about our 
trip to the West Indies. We sailed from St. Lucia to Grenada for two weeks on a chartered sailboat through The Moorings (which is the same company we are using this time). It's a great way to go if you want to sail the world without sailing around the whole thing, you know?

Catch you later!


"Wind Writing"


  1. What a beautifully written memoir of your trip.

  2. These pictures are unreal!

  3. Beautiful pictures from your last trip, looking forward to seeing the new ones. Have a wonderful time and don't throw anyone overboard!

  4. Enjoy your trip - I hope you find lots of adventure, many safe harbors to sleep in and have tons of fun with your family!!! ox

  5. Love you blog, I'm a major dreamer as well. I found this quote today that I thought i would share with you.

    quote: Olympic event for day dreaming, I’d take gold and break records doing it....

    That's how i feel most days and I love reading your blog and feeling inspired. I started one of my own:

  6. Wonderful. It just looks blissful. Hope you are enjoying the Seychelles.

  7. Have a great holidays! You are so locky to spend that time with your family :)

  8. You are so positive. I also have two younger sisters and while a trip like this sounds amazing, I don't think I would come out of it thinking as positive as you! My husband laughed when I asked if he could imagine taking a trip with my parents and sisters on a 38 foot boat. I love reading aboout your family stories!

  9. The picture for Chapter 5 is mind-blowing. Can't wait to keep catching up on your adventures!


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