Wednesday, June 12, 2013

From the South + Pom Pom Giveaway!

     Friday and Saturday the waves punched me around. A decent south swell came to town bringing 6-10 foot waves to our coast. I'd watch them march in and explode down the beach, knowing full and well that they were coming for me next. I felt like clothes waiting to go into the washer. Before I could make it outside, that set would arrive, tossing me around like a dog does a chew toy. One wave hit me so hard, it cracked my neck. I haven't been able to look left for the past three days. 

    Monday morning was more relaxing. Monday morning was perfect. Just me and a few friends taking turns on some perfectly shaped three footers. But I have to admit, I did miss that adrenaline rush from the previous sessions just a little bit. When you get a wave on one of those big days you really feel like you earned it. When you're walking up from the beach soaking wet with your board in hand, you feel like you accomplished something great even though you were only riding waves.  

     Now, how about a giveaway from an ocean-minded brand I really love (that I think you will too!)? Pom Pom, the first all-girls surf, snow and skate brand is giving away this cute beach tote, a soy candle and some all natural surf wax to one lucky winner. Enter below! 

U.S. addresses only. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

p.s. speaking of getting worked, check out this video of the Wedge during this swell. Yikes!


  1. Ow, sorry to hear you got beat up by the waves over the weekend, hope your neck starts feeling better. Glad you were able to relax on Monday!

    What a cute bag!

  2. Geez! I didn't realize how dangerous surfing could be.
    Beautiful and scary.

  3. You are bad-a. Great giveaway

  4. Oooh girl you better live on the edge! (snaps fingers on the air) Hope your neck feels better soon!

  5. I'm stuck on the image of being in a giant washing machine - yikes! Hope your neck is better soon. Maybe you need a holiday...


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