Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Signs of Summer

1. sunbrella
2. south swell slide, south swell suit
3. pink drink, pink dress
4. crab fest with friends (salad and potatoes for me)
5. beach bocce ball
6. summer dwellings 
7. agua-melon
8. Sunday Monday siesta

     Everything about this weekend was great until we forgot our camera at our friend's house in Orange County Sunday night and Scott got a speeding ticket Monday morning when he went to get it. Hopefully that isn't a sign of things to come this summer.
     After the nap pictured above, I read my book for four hours and Scott made pasta for dinner. He served it to me right on the couch and I didn't even have to get up to get my drink of choice (two buck chuck chardonnay with a splash of juice). Something about pasta is so comforting and nothing about the ticket seemed like a big deal any more.

How'd you celebrate the long weekend?
What was the weather like where you live (I love weather)?

{dress c/o Roxy}


  1. Your home is so cute I could die! I love it. SO happy to see Summer showing her face again! :)

  2. Your garden is gorgeous and really does suit the style of your home (from what I can see). The weather here in Britain was glorious (for a change) this weekend, although it's back to normal with grey skies and rain today :( Great photos x

  3. watermelon is one of my faves about Summer finally arriving too :)

    speeding ticket,no fun!!

    glad you had a lovely long weekend!

  4. Beautiful pictures- looks like a fabulous weekend! Portland was rainy...no surprise there, but it did force me to stay in and relax, which is a nice change from my go-go-go mentality of late.

  5. Wonderful pictures, I especially loved 3 and 6, stunning. I'm sure the ticket isn't a sign of anything. It happened, it's done, onwards is what I always think. The long weekend here was quite sunny although not hugely warm. We went to the park twice, the second time the boys went in the paddling pool very briefly - it was cold. Yesterday was cooler again, so we went swimming at an indoor pool. The littlest boy needs to practice his splashing up and down with his float. He's not that confident in the water yet, so I need to keep taking him I think. And then one day maybe he'll be a surfer...

  6. Love these pictures!! Definitely looks like summer!



  7. I wish Signs of Summer would finally be hitting up Germany! :) It looks like you spent the perfect beach weekend - I just love the feel of the pictures!

  8. Beautiful signs of summer. I'm usually not a fan of summer but these pictures make me change my mind. :)

  9. i'll pretend we had all that sun! it was 45 degrees saturday. ho hum. sunshine here i come...fingers crossed. love the photos and the siesta sounds simply delightful :)

  10. That sounds like the best time--lounging on the couch and then getting your dinner brought to you:) Everyone needs those kinds of days. That's what summer is all about, right? We had a busy weekend traveling and visiting family, so I'm ready to lounge around this weekend. There's nothing quite like a nap on a warm summer afternoon. Also, your backyard is the coolest place ever! All the color is just so pretty!

  11. How sweet of your husband to serve you dinner on the couch! And I never would have thought to add a splash of juice to my chardonnay. 2 buck chuck can't be beat. :)

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  13. These are such gorgeous bright photos. Your house is so calming, yet colorful. And a house bright on the beach is such amazing fortune.... -Jessica L

  14. Pasta and wine served to you while reading sounds perfect! Scott is definitely a keeper.


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