Friday, May 3, 2013

Sambazon Juice Giveaway!

     So I'm not so much of a sweets person, have I told you that? Oh yes, yes, I did. Back when I shared potentially the weirdest recipe to ever reach blogland ever--the microwaved rice cakes with soy sauce and cheese. Remember? Anyways, I'm into salt and, although I don't naturally gravitate towards sweeter foods, I love healthy food. Anything to make me live longer and prosper, ya know? Plus, I love the earth and any company with an environmental mentality is a-ok in my book. So when Sambazon e-mailed me a few weeks back about trying some of their products and doing a giveaway, I responded with a resounding Yes! Please! 
     Sambazon is a socially and environmentally conscious company that uses organic food and beverages as vehicles for positive change (yay!). They have pioneered Amazon Superfoods such as açaí, acerola and guarana through a product range that includes fresh juices, smoothies, sorbet, and frozen smoothie packs . All Sambazon products are USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Ecocert Fair Trade, vegan, and gluten free. Again, yay! Plus they're really tasty. Even the Supergreens juice that you kind of look at and go, "This will be good for me, but not good." False, it's both! I can attest to that. It has a really delicious taste with a lot more fruit flavor than grass, which, personally, I really like. And it gives you all the nutritional value of kale and wheat grass such as lowering your blood pressure, increasing your red blood cell count and protecting your liver.

Enter below to win vouchers for Sambazon juices!
(u.s. residents only)

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  1. Oooh very neat, that sounds interesting! I'm all about things being good for me AND tasting good!

  2. I haven't tried Sambazon yet- but it sounds good!

    I'm also doing a giveaway- Conscious Box (chock full o' organic goodies) at my other blog if you'd like to enter:

    Cheers to a stellar weekend!

  3. I really just want some rice cakes with soy sauce and cheese now...


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