Friday, May 31, 2013

Quinoa Kale Sweet Potato Salad

This is a pretty easy meal, so I'm going to get to it with the ingredients and instructions and then trouble you with a bit of a dilemma I'm having (if you don't mind...)

Servings: 2-4

2 cups of quinoa 
1 head of kale
1-2 sweet potatoes
1 lemon, squeezed
1-2 cloves of garlic, minced
1/4 tsp. Himalayan sea salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1-2 handfulls of cashews
1 red bell pepper, seeded, chopped

optional additions
nutritional yeast 
hot sauce for me is always a necessity in most meals

Cook the sweet potatoes in the oven on 425ยบ for 40-60 minutes until tender. When you have about 20 minutes left on the potatoes, cook the quinoa (1 cup quinoa to 2 cups of water, bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer; cover and cook until all the water is absorbed; ~10-15 minutes). While the quinoa is cooking, make the kale salad...

Remove the stems from the kale and place it in a bowl. Add the Himalayan sea salt and massage it into the kale so that the salt starts to "cook" the leaves (i.e. break down the leaves so that they are "wilted"). Keep going until you see juice start to come out of the kale. Next, massage the leaves with lemon juice, garlic and pepper until well 
incorporated. Taste. You might need more lemon juice or more salt.
Dice the cooked sweet potatoes and remove the quinoa from the stove. Mix the kale salad in with the cooked quinoa and potatoes. Enjoy!


Now, on to my dilemma. We're going out of town in a few weeks. Like way out of Africa out of town, for my Dad's 60th birthday (details soon). A part of me wants to schedule some posts to go up while we're gone, but another part of me, the part of me working on being present, just wants to leave the blog alone for two weeks seeing as there's no way I'll be able to check email, reply to comments or maintain any part of it. I've already given my blog sponsors the month of June for free and mentioned that my blogging might be spotty towards the middle of the month, but what do you think, dear readers? Should the blog get a vacation too? A part of leaving it be for two weeks seems freeing and beneficial and another part of it seems kind of crazy. I'm leaning towards the freeing feeling, though. Your input is much appreciated. Have you ever taken a complete vacation from blogging? 


  1. I think you should take a blogging vacation!! You should have to feel obligated to blog, you know? Or that it is a chore and would get in the way of you enjoying your trip. We'll all be here when you come back and can't wait to hear all about it!

    PS that salad looks yummy. I ate something similar last night :-)

  2. I think you should take a complete vacation! I'm working everyday to to be more present, and I think it will be liberating for you. You can write a blog entry when you get home and reminisce all about it!

  3. sweet potatoes in the quinoa? yum yum!
    I hope that you enjoy Africa! I say take a break if you want to!

  4. I think it was one of your posts, last week, when you talked about "being present" and to take time to be in the moment and keep the experiences in a permanent place in your mind.
    Africa is going to be an amazing experience for you and your family so I would keep that experience in your heart and write about it when you get home.
    We will all miss you, but isn't it better to be present!?

  5. Take a blogging vacation. Sometimes our minds need a little vaca from the internet. Go have fun in Africa and enjoy your stay. Don't think about posting while your there.

  6. Go honey, just go. Have a break, have a wonderful time. You will feel more refreshed for switching off for a while. And we will all still be here when you get back! The recipe looks wonderful, lots of things I love in there. I adore cashews, in fact I eat them for breakfast every day. Hope you have a fantastic break Devon.

  7. Well doesn't this look delicious!! I say take a bloggy vacation guilt free and enjoy every second of Africa!!!!

  8. Take the blogging vacation! Everyone needs a break from their normal routine. That way you won't be stressed trying to get blog posts ready and can just enjoy your trip. I ran into a similar situation on a smaller scale last weekend. I was out of town and just didn't get time to write anything. I felt bad at first, but then I thought "Hey, this blog is about my experiences and my life, so it should be an avenue of inspiration for me not just another think to check off my to do list." I'll miss your posts, but we'll all be here when you get back and will be so excited to hear about your adventures:)

  9. Take a break and enjoy each moment.

  10. HEy I'm from Africa:) I hope you guys are going to be doing plenty of surfing on your visit! We're going into winter but the coastal areas are still really hot, especially further north and June/July is usually the best months for surfing- well atleast in South Africa.. Have an awesome time! P.S. hiking boots and safari gear is not neccesary EVERY where you go haha- you can always spot the tourist because they wear hiking boots in the middle of a city:)

  11. Sounds delicious! You always post the best veggie recipes, Devon! :)


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