Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Polaroids of Vegetarian Food (and drinks?)

  "Oooh, Polaroids make my food look so hipstery" 

1. quinoa, kale, sweet potatoes, red bell pepper; napkin c/o Dot & Army
2. green beens with toasted almonds and parmesan cheese
3. sauteed lentils and kale with sea salt and olive oil
4. cous cous, red quinoa stir fry with peas, bell peppers, tofu, onion, garlic, chick peas, and a ginger soy sauce inspired by ohdeadrea
5. Daphne's salad with falafel and jalapeƱos 
6. Moscow mules. What? Those are vegetarian. Have you ever had one? It's vodka, ginger beer and lime served in a cool copper cup. I had my first one a month ago. They're so refreshing. 


  1. Everything looks so yum, especially in polaroid food! I have never heard of a moscow mule, I'm off to google that now!

  2. Polaroids do make your food look more hipstery! And we all know that hipster=mega cool. In all honesty, that's why I do 86% of the stuff I do:) Just kidding..but seriously. Your recipes always look so delicious. I really want to try that first option with quinoa. My first time cooking quinoa was a fail, but it looks like it would be so much better with all the stuff you add. Wait..I just looked up what a Moscow Mule is and that sounds like a winner! I need to find a copper cup.

  3. Mmm, that all looks delicious. I have some green beans and almonds so I might try that one. And I love falafels and jalapenos, that looks great too. I just read your "Why I'm Vegetarian" post - fascinating. I knew some of the things, but some of the facts were new to me. 500,000 animals per day! Hard to believe. I was a vegan for 25 years, and I was a vegetarian before that and I'm a vegetarian now. The boys have some meat, but not masses, simply because they don't enjoy a lot of it very much. So I'm happy to give them vegetarian food much of the time. The older ones (9 and 7) have both talked about becoming vegetarian, which is encouraging. No reason not to when the food looks that fantastic.

  4. Devon! You and Scott have got to come up here (summer, please, summer!) and we will take you out to have Moscow Mules at The Walrus and the Carpenter. Cool, and almost as hipster as your polaroids.

  5. This all looks wonderful! I've been trying to eat more vegetarian foods, and so this is wonderful inspiration!

  6. Lady, I'm massively jealous of your cooking chops! Everything looks delicious. Keep sharing all your stellar recipes!

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