Friday, May 17, 2013

Her Very Own

    When our airplane took off for home, I muttered "bye Syracuse," to Scott, who was across the isle from me. I knew the chances of us returning were small. The ending of chapters in life always get me. The emotions associated with the graduation of my baby sister crept into my throat and almost made it to my eyes on that plane ride, but I swallowed them back down. I loved Syracuse, and not because it had such a significant meaning for me, but because I knew it did for Maddie. It was her place, her special fort in the middle of the trees on the other side of the country to learn her own lessons and grow into her own person. It was another home for her for a time. It was a place that was her own. 
     I reflected on this as I waited for our final flight home out of Chicago. The flight attendants bustled through the isles shutting the over-head bins and making sure seat belts and tray tables were where they were supposed to be, as they do. I'm the oldest of the three girls in my family. When I was born, everything was mine and only mine. By the time Maddie came home from the hospital and into our family, most material possessions were already spoken for. Clothes were passed down, beds scooted over, rooms shared, toys recycled. Even most of the hiding places were already uncovered, forts had been claimed. 

     Perhaps some of the emotional roles were already claimed, too. We all became sassy, sensitive, silly and feisty, but as the first born I was, in the realm of our playroom, in charge. Danielle, as the middle kid was opinionated, but big-hearted and Maddie, as the baby, would grow into her role as the altruist and rebel. 

     I'm not saying I feel bad for Maddie for her birth order. Each position in the family has its benefits, setbacks and lessons. I'm just saying I think I know more about her position in the family now. I'm so happy to see the path that belongs to her, the one she's carved for herself and the friends, school and major that are so uniquely her own; her very own. I'm so proud of the person she is and the person she has become.

Where are you in the birth order in your family?
How has it shaped you?

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  1. Have all Americans teeth like this??? :O

  2. what a fun day! congrats to her. ; )
    i'm the youngest in mine. i have one older brother. i think it helped because i learned everything NOT to do from him. he always got into trouble and i never did... it was a sneaky little way to be "the good kid" so i could get away with so much more later on ; )

  3. Congratulations to Maddie! My youngest sister graduated undergrad last year and will finish her master's this summer. She too is a bit of an altruist rebel :) Middle sister Megan is graduating from optometry school next weekend, and she is the steadfast, wise sister. And me, well, I don't know. I'm the oldest of three girls as well and I had the associated guilt/high expectations/perfectionist parenting/etc but I'm also a little bit of a rebel!

  4. Congrats to Maddie, she looks like she had a great day and you got some great pictures! I'm the oldest and therefore my parents were more strict with me, so I kinda rebel in a way. Kind of. Mostly I get bitter about some things lol

  5. I love your blog. I love your writing style. I love your pictures. Basically, I love everything :D

  6. Congrats to your sissy! Love these pictures, what kind of lens are you using? Wide angle?

  7. I'm the oldest of three girls too. It's awesome most of the time....

  8. Congratulations to Maddie! Lovely photos, you and your sisters are beautiful. I particularly like the one of you in the red top, it's stunning. I'm an only child, so quite strong and independent I think. My littlest boy (no. 3) is cheeky and charming; he definitely works the "I'm only little" angle to the max! I do think that personality plays a bigger part than position in the family though. When my middle boy was the youngest (for two years) he was very different - a quiet angel, very good and calm.

  9. It's my first time visiting your blog (found you via Jenni) and I LOVE your way with words!

    I'm the baby in my family. I have 4 older brothers. Wayy older brothers. The one closest in age is 13 years older than I am.
    And because i'm the "baby" and the only girl, growing up I was treated a lot differently than they were. So, to this day, although i'm 27 and married with my own little family, they still think i'm spoiled and babied and so on.
    Which isn't true, goshdarnit! =)

    Anyway, I enjoyed this post!
    I'm glad I found your blog!

  10. What a wonderful weekend to celebrate your little sister! I love your pictures and your words. I like how you describe Maddie's life as all her own. I'm the youngest of 3, with an older sister and brother. I was always the baby and often felt like my sister and brother got to do all the fun stuff, leaving me behind. But now as we've gotten older, it's interesting to see how we revert back into our sibling roles when we get together. My sister always babies me, and my brother and I pull pranks on each other. It's nice to know that though things change, some things remain the same.

  11. so many beautiful girls. You are your sisters are stunning :) x

  12. What strikes me about your pictures is they capture emotions. I can totally feel the love, joy, and spirit of the day through all of them. Congratulations, Maddie!


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