Monday, April 8, 2013

The Malibu Hills Hobitat: Nature's Way

    Last week Scott had spring break and I took some time off from all of my odd jobs. We planned to use our passports, we planned to explore another coast, but it just wasn't in the cards and that was ok. The only thing we really needed was time somewhere different and time together. On Sunday night, we threw our camping stuff in the car and headed north to Malibu to set up shop in Sycamore Canyon for five days. 

    On Monday, I am obsessed with capturing a creative perspective from our adventure and Instagramming it. The trip has brought me to the perfect place to capture some unique and natural moments and share them, I feel. 

     By Tuesday, I detest my phone for distracting me and leave it in the tent. In the afternoon, I spend the time between one and two p.m. listening to bird calls and responses and dream up some fantasy of what they're talking about (stealing our food and plotting to takeover the world, I conclude) while watching the dandelion seeds dance in wind like some sort of springtime snowflake.

    On Wednesday, we decide to venture out and stop at different fruit stands along the way. Scott tells me how excited he is to have a family together someday and we talk about what we'll call them. 

     That afternoon, we surf County Line and go for a hike in the Sycamore Canyon. The hike takes us exactly one mile above sea level and offers a view of the coastline from Malibu to Point Mugu. 

     It's here where I start thinking about life and changes and aging and growing up. Walking down the trail with the same sage smell in my nose that used to be there in my childhood when I would play in the hills behind my school, I jump and skip while halfway singing a 50 Cent song. In this moment, I am my purest self. Even at that, and perhaps because of it, my mind quickly flashes to one of my biggest fears-losing touch with who that is. I mean, getting older messes with you. I've seen it. I worry about the changes life brings and how they will influence me. I just want to know what makes me happy, what makes me me, and hold on to that. I still want to hear the ring of the Christmas bell like the boy in The Polar Express. I don't want to lose sight of the magic in life. 

     The more I skip down the hill and tangle my wild curls underneath my beanie, the more I realize time has passed, really passed, years have gone by and not that much about me has changed. At least not at my core. And when I see a flock of seagulls swoop past the setting sun and my breath is gone for a little, I realize I can still see the magic.

     It's clear to me during this hike how important it is for me to continue to do these things I love-these outdoor adventures-for as long as I can because they awaken my truest self. They help me live the life I need.
photos by Scott

The Malibu Hills Hobitat Tales


  1. We had a great time with you two playing on the beach, hiking, and eating around the camp fire. You guys found the perfect campsite. Good to hear the rest of your week was relaxing.

  2. Love your photos. I went camping in Malibu near Pepperdine Uni with my dad when my son was less than a year. We had so much fun and such beautiful views.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  3. What lovely photos! You're making me get antsy for my next trip. :)


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  4. That sunset is fantastic!

  5. this is so beautifully put! i couldn't agree more. i want to always stay true to myself and never stop exploring and going on adventures, just like when i was little. amazing photos, too! :)

  6. beautiful! the best advice i ever got was just to be me (deirdre.) so be you- with a heart open to your truest self and the woman you continually become with experience, growth, and change.
    oh and love the sunset and description of the sage. bellisimo.

  7. This is going down as one of my favorite posts of yours. You are a beautiful writer, Devon, and the way you captured the complications of aging and losing that childlike innocence was really poetic. I feel the same way! We read the Polar Express each Christmas, and I want to be a person who can still hear the bell no matter how old I get. Life has a way of sucking out our innocence and dreams as we get older. When once everything was possible, now only a finite number of choices fit in with your responsibilities to family or work. Growing up sucks some times. I just want to do the things that make me feel like me, too. Make me feel alive and as my best possible self. It's hard, but you are making it happen by following your heart. Awesome post and pictures:) This post made me hear the bell:)

  8. Sounds like a wonderful spring break! I'm such a city gurl and thrive on the energy of living in an urban environment but getting away from it all during trips in rural/electronically detached areas is the only time where I actually use that energy productively for myself. Oh the irony lol.

  9. Beautiful post Devon. The pictures are lovely and the words very poignant. We all need to hold on to who we are through the years and the busyness. Thank you for the reminder.

  10. What beautiful photos (the soaring bird, backlit by the sun) and words! I love that you started out IG-ing everything, and then just ditched your phone on day 2. Thada girl! I've stopped IG-ing on the regular because it *is* such a distraction. And love that you re-found the magic in those swooping seagulls and the smell of sage bringing you back to childhood. I think having a kid, for me, has brought the magic back to me. Literally, I have to stop and smell the roses because sometimes he just takes so long to get from point A to point B. Just imagining what it's like to discover EVERYTHING for the first time is magical. The other day, on the way to daycare, I looked behind me, and there he was, just mesmerized by a piece of fuzz stuck to his finger.

  11. Do a roadtrip to Canada's West Coast this summer! Use your passport then!


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