Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day, Mom's Birthday

     We had a great weekend with a special surprise visitor. You may know this already if you follow me on Instagram, but I can't wait to fill you in. Fortunately, it was really warm the past few days. It can be kind of a toss up here along the coast as we move towards the arrival of a persistent marine layer and the renaming of the early summer months from May and June to "May Grey" and "June Gloom". We were thankful to the Earth for the sun. I hope I always remember to be thankful for little things like that. Sun on my back, on my belly button, turning my hair yellow, and the way it makes me feel six years old. 
      Earth Day also happens to be my mom's birthday. Isn't that awesome? Mine's the 25th and, although I love that day and all the ways it has spoiled me, I guess it would be nice to feel like the Earth and I had something in common. Maybe it would feel like a sign or something. Like the Earth and I were meant to share this day because we are connected and I was meant to love it. Well, I do love it regardless of dates, but I love my mom most. I know everyone says this, but my mom is special. She is so very special to me. I actually told her at her birthday dinner Saturday night, after a few drinks no doubt, "You are such a special lady". "A lady?!" she mocked. "A special lady?" she repeated through hysterical laughter. "That's something you say to your cashier at the grocery store or someone you don't know very well". We all laughed for a good four minutes about how my mom didn't want to be called a lady. Well, I guess what I meant is this: She isn't like anyone else I've ever seen or met and I wouldn't love my life the same way I do if I didn't know her. I wouldn't know myself the way I do if she wasn't my mom. I wouldn't laugh as often without her. She is special to me. So very special. 
     I can't wait to tell you about the rest of the weekend, but until then, happy Earth Day! 

Here are a few Earth-minded links to check out:

+Nutritious Coconut Water Mint Juice (this just sounds so refreshing and healthy)

+Earth Day Exercises  (brought to you by yours truly)

p.s. eating vegetarian saves more land, energy and water than any other choice you can make, just sayin' ;)

p.p.s. if you've got any other eco-friendly links feel free to share them!


  1. Can't wait to hear more! Happy Earth Day!


    I may have to change that tonight. Better late than never, right?

    Thanks for the shout-out too! Can you believe we are still using the same bag of soap nuts?! Still! I need to order a new one soon, but one $35 bag has lasted for a year and a half. Maybe longer!

  3. Love your first pic, such a great earth day picture. And I love earth day too, I love teaching my kids about it. Happy birthday to your mom!

  4. Happy earth day!

    ps thanks for making me feel good about my veggie life style :)

  5. happy earth day! great links too :)

  6. Happy Earth Day to you to Devon, and happy birthday to your mom. Glad you had a great weekend, the photo is amazing.

  7. Very sweet that your mom is so special to you! And love the "2 ingredients to clean your home" link. I've got both of those at home.

  8. Oh you look so happy! I need to check those links, I want to change all the clean products in our home to something natural.

    I truly didn't know it was a Earth day, it seems it's not popular in France. Weird,right!?

  9. Veggies unite! Hope your mom had a very happy birthday. I guess you could technically say that you have a special connection to nature, date-wise, because your mom was born on Earth Day (same as the day for celebrating Mother Nature) and you are her child.


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