Friday, April 19, 2013

Earth Day Exercises,

Hey guys,
I'm stoked to be over on Roxy's Blog today with some Earth Day exercises. Stoked is kind of an understatement, but, ya know, I gotta keep my cool around here ;)

Earth Day Exercises

I like to celebrate Earth Day by exercising in nature and caring for the earth the way I feel it’s taken care of me. Running sprints on the beach while picking up trash makes me feel like I'm helping seagulls and sandpipers have a cleaner, safer home. It's not their fault there's a hair clip and a lobster trap line on their dinner table.

Here’s an Earth minded workout routine:

Start by picking two trashcans on the beach that are at least 100 yards apart from one another.


  1. totally love that blog! good to know you found it too! :D
    have a brilliant weekend!

  2. Congrats on the Roxy spot! That outfit is amazing but your message is even better!!! I hate that so many beaches STILL have so much garbage left behind.

    *** Do you remember that part in Mad Men when the Draper family goes to the park, and they just shake their trash of the blanket and leave. I died! I was like 'NOOOOO!!!!' Different times, but you'd think in this day and age, it wouldn't happen anymore. ****

  3. So awesome Devon. Off to go check it out. LOVE your photos.

  4. Super Devon! This is my kind of exercise, makes good for me and for the earth. I wish I lived next to the beach, specially the side where you can surf in France. I would love to have another try! By the way, you look amazing the photos!

  5. <3 the lighting in those photos and an extra-large congrats ;)

  6. Before my disability I used to love exercising on the beach. I'll be heading down to those beaches in July I can hardly wait! Have a great week.

  7. This is AMAZING Devon!! Loved your post on ROXY!!!!

  8. Sprinting on the beach, wow! That's hard work. Good for you! You must have amazing, strong legs!

  9. Wow, such a cool idea! No wonder Roxy decided to feature it. You're a rockstar, Devon. Congrats!


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