Monday, March 4, 2013

Solo Session

     Solo sessions- I don't get enough of them, but when they come, they stay in my mind like a good birthday or a delicious meal. 
     On Friday, I awoke to 78ยบ weather and quickly traded my flannel jammies for my red Roxy bikini and some boardies. I made Scott's lunch (PB&J, a fruit, string cheese, crackers- always.), said goodbye, Facetimed with my family, who all happened to be in New York this weekend (my parents were visiting my East Coast sisters) and gave the stove a cleaning so good I was startled by its appearance when I walked back in to the kitchen a few minutes later (shows you how often it looks that spotless!). I packed a variety of boards into the back of my car with my mind set on spending the day down on the beach testing them out.
     Standing on the bluff above the beach, I could see a pack of guys at my usual spot, South Peak. To the right of them, there were a few four foot waves rolling in without anyone riding them. At the same time, I saw a clean right hander push its way through South Peak. One of the guys, a legendary local who has surfed this spot for over 30 years, caught the wave, drew a high line and crouched right next to the wave's face (I imagined it was so he could hear what it had to say). He cruised past section after section until he was standing on the sand. It was a perfect wave, and he paddled back out right next to another guy who seemed nearly as pumped about the ride as the legend himself. 
     Aside from this flawless wave, I didn't want the same thing for myself. Not today. Today was a day for me and the sea; a time for me to talk to it and listen without interference. 
     I rely on these solo sessions to stay in touch with myself. I like to sit out there and study the blueness of the ocean, trying to see through it to some kind of understanding. I think about the things that are bothering me and let them float off into its darkness and I reflect not only on what I know, but on what I'd like to find out about life. On these days, I leave the ocean feeling like a wind up toy that's been fully wound up again; I'm energized and ready to take on what's ahead.

What do you do to find solitude, re-connect with yourself or make some sense of the world?
p.s. Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support on Friday's post about my cousin's fight with cancer. You guys are unbelievable and I feel so lucky to have you as readers and friends! If you didn't get a chance to check out Michelle's blog, here it is again


  1. Bikram... nothing makes me feel like a new person more than a great bikram class. :)
    xo,B |

  2. Love your blog!! For me, it's a long run by myself on a mountain trail.

  3. A good dance class changes everything for me. Ballet, Tap, Jazz, or whatever. Even just teaching a good dance class helps! It's amazing to see my students learning and changing from week to week :)

  4. Sitting on the beach listening to and gazing at the ocean.

  5. All that blue is gorgeous- for me it's yoga, writing, or when the season's on - surfing.

    Looks great!


  6. Beautiful post, Devon! Your pictures are absolutely stunning. I can feel the sun on my face and sand sticking to my feet. What I most loved about your post, though, was your word. You really captured how you feel when it's just you in the water and what it means to you. A perfect way to connect to the earth and yourself. I find that solace on warm summer evenings during a run or walk. It's nice to just get lost in your thoughts, surrounded by everything around you growing quiet for the night. The sky always seems to be the prettiest here at that time, too:)

  7. What magical moments you must have by the ocean! I never considered it such a spiritual experience :). I haven't been in deep-thought for a while now. Not that I'm scared, but maybe because I just can't settle down. I should learn to tho. I know it's good for the heart and soul.


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