Wednesday, March 13, 2013

{Another} Flight of a Sea Dream

I know many of you have already seen this most recent film I made and I doubt many of you managed to dodge my mentions of the events surrounding it, but here it is one final time in case, by some miracle, you missed it ;)
I can't thank you all enough for your constant support and encouragement. 
I mean, where would I start?
 I could say: 
This whole experience would have been much harder to swallow without your kindness. 
Your "me too"s and pats on the back helped me feel way less lame. 
Your advice will stay with me.
and that would all be true, but somehow it doesn't feel like enough.
I hope it is for now. I hope you know I really mean it.

p.s. if the contents of this post sound really vague and unfamiliar click here and here


  1. Devon, i adore you! that's all i can say :)

  2. it's just so awesome! shared it all around <3

  3. para bens! very good!

  4. We should all post it on our blogs and have a virtual viewing- hundreds strong!


  5. Loved every minute of this video! You inspire me girl!

  6. FINALLY got a chance to watch this! I love how you used old vids of when you were just a baby in the beginning. So cute! Glad your parents kept those huh? Great footage throughout and like the walking out of the ocean part at the end. Hope you enter this or something else again next year!


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