Monday, January 28, 2013

Summer Spirit + Boardshorts Giveaway!

Pictured: Roxy's Endless Summer Shorts
     I know, I know, it's dreary and cold outside (that's even true here in sunny CA), but winning a pair of boardshorts might kindle a little of that summer spirit in your heart. The Roxy Endless Summer shorts are my favorite, but the nice thing about this giveaway from is that you can pick any pair you want! Check 'em out.

Here's how to enter:
Good luck!

The winner is Ashley C.! Congrats! 

p.s. I'm super curious, how has winter been for those of you that legitimately have it (I say it's winter here, but wearing surf booties isn't quite the same thing as having to wear snow shoes)? Please share! Weather kind of fascinates me. 


  1. Here in the Midwest (I am on the boarder of Wisconsin & Minnesota)we first had a layer of ice than a top coat of beautiful large white snow flakes. It was like being inside a snow globe. We finally got above freezing. We have been in the twenty below (that is just air temp) lately. I will say it is pretty here and it is all I know but seeing the earth around me come alive again in April is my favorite! Take care, Andrea

  2. Winter here has been more brutal than usual! Our temperatures have been in the single digits and negative digits for over a week. Before that it was snowing every couple of days. I've gone through $200+ worth of heating oil in TWO WEEKS. Crazy!!!

    So yes, I need some endless summer, and some board shorts weather :)

  3. I live in Washington which has all 4 seasons and that is not what I grew up with. Coming from Alaska (I was born there and moved when I was 18), I never knew a Fall or Spring that was more then 2 weeks so the length of both here always catches me off guard. Winter in WA is so different too. Not as much snow, not as arrid, not as much sun and the cold just feels so much colder in WA!

    Winter here feels longer because the sun doesn't come out for weeks at a time which is funny because people only think of Alaska as a winter place.

    Your pictures make me wish for warm weather!!

  4. It's been FRIGID in Ohio! It was in the teens last week, all day. But tomorrow and Wednesday it's supposed to be in the 60s?!? And then back down to 12 degrees and snow. I'm starting to miss California!

  5. it has been in the teens all week/ the past weekend so i am freezing my butt off here! definitely waiting for the day i can move to somewhere warm and never deal with winter again!

  6. Back home in Finland the winter was really cold, when we left there the temperature dropped to -25 celsius(about -13 f and a lot of snow. It's cold yes, and in the north it can go until -40 or more.

    Here in Avignon the temperatures are really mild for me, except when the Mistral wind blows! It's famous wind, very powerful and makes people and animals go crazy.

    I am waiting spring a lot, it's one of my favourite moments here before summer starts. Summer here is way too hot for me :)

  7. It has been between -20 and -40 on bad days out East, which isn't all that fun. Its manageable with significant bundling though. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. I'm on the prairies in the middle of Canada (Saskatchewan) and we're used to lots of snow and cold. However this year has brought heavier than normal snowfall and cold! cold! cold! Lots of days and nights at -30C to -35C before windchill. Tonight it's a balmy -45C with windchill!

  9. This is my favorite quote and I had it hanging over my bed for a year to wake up to.

  10. Cute photos! I'm on the east coast of US and earlier this week it went from 40F, to 55F, to 60F, and then back down to 40F. Last night is snowed and is now about 27F. Weird!

  11. Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.


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