Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Gifts of Winter

This is a poem I wrote last year. I submitted it to a surf magazine for their current winter issue and, although it was meant to be in there, it wasn't. Such is life, right? And this is part of my story.

The pictures were taken by Scott and I of each other as well as some of our favorite local surfers. Somehow, winter is my favorite surf season of all. Even with the excess neoprene and ice cream headaches.

The Gifts of Winter

Winter wind chills my face.

Winter temperatures slow my pace. 

Winter boots cover my feet.

Winter fires kiss my cheeks.

Winter water gives me life.

Winter swells bring delight. 

Winter creatures play at sea.

Winter time is the gift for me. 


  1. Wow!!! all the scenery are wonderful..And that are the best place to have a tour and enjoyment. The luckiest people can go there and enjoy the life. Because the life is only for living and live it enjoy it..Yonka

  2. i love all the pics!! looks like so much fun! i want to learn to surf soooo bad!!!

  3. Wow fantastic photos!!! I love them! Sigh... I have lived by the beach most of my life and I am sad to say I am moving to the mountains. Trying to soak up as much beach and ocean time as I can!

  4. You two capture such wonderful memories on film!

  5. Wow!! STUNNING pictures... of course :) And I love the poem!

  6. You're a good poet. :) 'Winter surfing' just sounds like an oxymoron to me though ... haha!

  7. Totally should have been in there - I love it. Makes me wish I lived closer to the shore in the winter and the summer both! :)

  8. Cute poem! You should do it more often ;)
    xoxo, The Brazilian Way of Life

  9. I bet your winter is like, um, 80 degrees right now? The benefits of a So Cal summer! Actually, it's not to chilly up in Nor Cal either right now!

    I am doing a Holiday Giveaway from Sephora! Hope you stop by and enter!

    Happy Holidays,

    Brooke♥ ❤ ❥


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