Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Make a Sandman This Year

     Just look at this cute guy (or girl). Don't you think he'd love to be in your home? "Yes!", he says he would. 

Add as much or as little of the following to create your sandman scene.

What You'll Need/What I Used
1 mason jar
3 styrofoam balls of varying sizes to create the snowman (proportional to the size of your jar)
A handful of sand to fill the bottom of the jar and to decorate the styrofoam balls (mix in some glitter for a little extra sparkle)
2 twigs for the arms 
orange paper to make the nose
black paint (or a sharpie pen or paper) to make the mouth and eyes
fun printed wrapping paper for the hat
card stock (or strong paper) cut into a circle for the sandman's "stand"
a small ribbon for the scarf
various small shells to place in the sand
any other ornaments of your choosing 
hot glue gun
elmer's glue
  • Lightly cover the styrofoam balls in elmer's glue and then cover them with sand. Set them aside and allow them to dry. 
  • Hot glue the styrofoam balls together to build your sandman. 
  • Cut a piece of card stock in the shape of a circle that is a tad smaller than the mason jar. Hot glue the sandman to that. 
  • Paint or draw on the eyes and mouth 
  • Cut a piece of orange paper, roll it, glue it together to make the nose and then hot glue it to your sandman (I used orange magazine paper; it's shinier, and stiffer). 
  • Cut a piece of wrapping paper, roll it into a cone and glue it together. Glue it onto the sandman's head to make a hat!
  • Tie (or glue) a tiny ribbon around the neck for a scarf.
  • Stick in the stick arms. 
  • Place the sandman in the mason jar. 
  • Add the sand and glitter mix to the jar making sure to cover the piece of paper that the sandman is standing on. 
  • Add shells and any other decorations of your choosing.
  • Close the lid and admire your new winter friend!


  1. LOL your comments on the mall! I don't like going there either

  2. Cutest snow (I mean sand) man ever!!! So clever. :)

  3. This is the cutest thing ever. My mother would have loved this as a gift when she was still with me. She's a sucker for the beach and hated the snow. But this would have made her smile :) I might have to make one in her memory to keep out at Christmas. (she actually purchased me a snowman years ago that looked like he was covered in crystal snow. It makes me smile whenever I unwrap it.

    Merry Christmas and I feel you 100% on the mall. I used to love to browse and shop... but this time of year it drives me nuts and makes me anxious.

    Bottom line I've seen what you wear - you've got great style and if you were shopping for me, I'd have full faith in you! :)

  4. @Julia D. you're the sweetest! I love reading all of your comments =)


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