Friday, December 21, 2012

Little Buddy (a vlog?)

     My little buddy. He's turning two tomorrow. I've been nannying this little dude for almost a year now and gosh he's grown. Everyone says that about kids, because it's just the plain old truth. They grow and change and learn so much more rapidly than adults do. 
     The first day I met him I was pretty new at watching babies. In fact, I'd only ever spent time with a few for short periods in the close company of more experienced care takers. That first day his parents told me I could take him to the park. Man, I worried a hundred different things were going to go wrong in those early days. I pictured a rattle snake jumping out at us. I thought "What if a car just drives off the road onto the sidewalk we're walking on?" I even worried the stroller handle would break and he'd go rolling down the steep hill to the park without me. 
     His parents told me that they try to talk to him as much as possible, so I thought I'd do the same. On that first walk to the park I began narrating everything that was going on. It helped calm my nerves. "Here comes a car. It's red. Red is my favorite color.",  "Here we go, up the big, big hill. And there's the park! There's so much green grass. Someone must work hard to keep it so nice!" 
     At the park I carefully took him out of the stroller and placed him in the grass, continuing my narration. "There's a dog! Doggies say 'woof, woof!'" And then I wasn't the only one doing the talking. He looked at the dog and then at me and said "Woof, woof!" We've been having little conversations ever since. He really is a little buddy.
     I took a video of him looking through a Christmas I Spy book with my phone the other day. There's a chance you may not think this video is interesting at all. I'm willing to take the risk because I think his curiosity is priceless. 
(oh and there's no talking for about 8 seconds so hang in there)


  1. I love your writing and that video is totally worth watching. You are so good with him and he seems so sweet.

  2. This is amazing to read and see! I remember the very first day I became your Nanny...I had just arrived and went into my room - you came flying into the room you jumped on the bed with the BIGGEST smile and said..."Do you promise to make it Fun?!"...I will never forget that day or you!!! You changed you grew, I did too...including my heart! - you came into my world for a reason and to see you 20+ years later posting this makes my heart smile!

  3. this video is so cute, devon! i am SO GLAD you posted it!!!! my goodness, toddlers are so cute! our nephew is almost 2 1/2, so it's becoming so much fun to talk to him and hear his thoughts (:

    your commentary on the candy page is awesome!

    and, can i just say, i am so happy you actually TALK to this precious boy, instead of baby talk.. ya know? nowwwww, let's have a nanny date!

  4. I loved this! Kids are just the best. And I have to agree with Ash...I'm so glad you don't use baby talk! So refreshing.

  5. I love the cat vs. fox part. ;) When I nannied two little boys a few years ago, I would read to them every night. So much fun! You're so good with your little buddy. I appreciate that you talk to him in complete sentences and without verbal gimmicks.

  6. I work at a chiropractor's office as an office manager owned by a married couple who have 3 sons. The youngest was born just last february and it's been amazing watching him grow. Since they own the business, they can bring him to work so I spend a lot of time with him. I love watching him discover things! Like you, I haven't been around a lot of babies in my life so it's amazing to see.

  7. You are adorable, Devon. I loved watching that video. I think he is lucky to have you as his nanny.

  8. I love reading aloud to littles. You can just see their brains working and taking in all the new things you tell them. :)

  9. That first picture is so precious. I think the world would be a better place if we all maintained a type of child-like curiosity and wonder about the world. I think that's a large part of the reason why being around young children is such a healthy and positive experience, we can learn so much from them.


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