Monday, November 26, 2012

My Holiday Gift Guide

1. Surf Cafe Cookbook-pretty pictures, yummy food // 2. Surf Fur-a super warm coat and your own personal changing room all in one //3. Roxy Twinkle Mittens -red! mittens! what could be cuter? // 4. Captain Fin Co. Summer Teeth Fins-unique, colorful and great for water girls and guys; *future fin setup only // 5. Pom Pom Neck Gaiter-stay warm, look good! // 6. Ocean Gypsy Kindle Fire Case // 7.Wet Hair Brush-My sister Maddie has this and I want it. Tangles be gone, but not your hair! (a more expensive version can be found here if you're interested. Thanks Kate!)  // 8. Magazine Subscriptions -Surf Girl and Women's Surf Style (then you can check out some of my articles in the next issues ;) 9. Burnt Sunset Roxy Jeans-I have these. I love them. They're really comfy and make me feel festive. // 10. This Time Tomorrow surf DVD-I love Taylor Steele films and I really want to see this. I've only heard good things.

other notes: 
*this image took me 4 hours to make in photoshop. wow. but! I drew a menorah... and a tree (like a 5 year old)!
*I really do love and want all of the gifts listed (hint, hint family), but some items are linked to my Amazon Associates account which means I may get a small commission on something you order from this site. I hope that's ok. Honestly, I really believe in all these items and would be recommending them even without a promotional perk. I just want to be fully honest with you. 
Happy shopping and happy holidays! Here we go...


  1. Hey Devon, great gift guide! I am shopping for my boyfriend and trying figure out what I want. I love that roxy stuff for myself and the fins for my bf Todd.

  2. This list is so cute and very YOU! And way to go with Photoshop. I still don't know how to use it, so cheers to you!

  3. I just sent off my "wish list" to my nephew who got me in the drawing and bam you post this. I am so into that first cookbook idea! I went ahead and put it on my wish list to my hubby!!!

    Thank you for posting these - I'm smitten with the mittens and the jeans...

  4. soo cute, esp those red pants!

  5. girl... this is precisely why i dont make these things! sheesh..

    but good list, nonetheless (:

  6. hahha only 4 hours! def wouldve taken me the entire freaking day! so yay for you!!

  7. 4 hours well spent girl. Haha. :) Looks awesome. I need to learn how to do these collages! Now I'm off to add to my Christmas list!

  8. I love that pink scarf, Looks warm and super cute too!



  9. This is a great gift guide - my 1st one took me the same amount of time. I can teach you some tricks now, if you want ;)

  10. These all look awesome! Hope they ended up under your tree.


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