Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Memories in Motion: Learning to Swim

     I mentioned a few weeks ago that my parents transferred a bunch of our old home movies onto DVDs. It's strange how so much of your personality is already apparent at such a small age. 
    One time when my parents were overdue for a date night during my infant days, they left me with close family friends (people I refer to now as aunt and uncle) while they went to dinner. I wasn't comfortable with strangers then (which is explained by my introverted nature now) and would frequently cry when I was away from my mom and dad. Knowing this, before they left my parents advised my babysitters to give me a bath if they couldn't get me to stop crying. Water has always made me happy.

     Here is a video of me learning to swim. 
My mom and late grandpa Poppy are in the first part and my dad is in the second part.

I'm curious, what was apparent about your personality early on?


  1. I LOVE HOME VIDEOS! Photos are so precious, but videos literally breathe life into them. You are so precious, Devon!

  2. I love this video. I've watched it a few times. It's such a precious moment. You can tell you're really happy. Something apparent about my personality was my love of cooking! I used to beg my mom to allow me to cook and bake with her. Now I am working in a restaurant, training to be a chef =)

  3. OMG, little fishy girl Devon! so cute!

  4. That's so fun that you loved water from an early age and that it was so evident! My love from early on was animals starting with my very large collection of stuffed animals who couldn't sleep off my bed or they would feel "left out."

  5. How did I miss this video?!?! (Maybe because of the flu... ewww.) You were such a cute baby! And its amazing how much you loved to swim even at that early age. I think from looking at my pictures or videos as a young girl you can tell that I have never been very shy or quiet.

  6. Aww, what a special video! You're adorable!

  7. Such a cutie! Its amazing how much about our personalities stays the same throughout life experiences.


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