Thursday, October 18, 2012

Womp Womp Womp...

     I need all new tires. All. New. And all I was doing when I got this flat tire was trying to eat at Daphne's so I didn't have to cook anything. So I could have one less thing to do. Oh, irony, you're only cool in that Alanis Morissette song (yes, I still like that song).  
     I really only got one flat tire, but my spare is flat too and since it's been 55,000 miles of driving since I got these tires, I think it's time. Man. 
     It was a bad day for me and my car from the start. While picking up one of the kids I nanny at school, we got blocked in our spot by some Buick that had been completely abandoned. Once we were finally freed, although I was in the right line to exit the school, I ended up in the wrong turning lane at the school exit and got yelled at by some dude crossing the street wearing a fishing hat just for trying to merge over. The nerve. Then, the car next to me began honking instead of letting me over. Geeze, who knew elementary school could be so stressful.
     Tomorrow's a new day, little buddy.


  1. yeah i when i pick my neices up from their school it can get dicey lol it is like everyone forgets to be nice and that they are the only ones trying to leave the parking lot.


  2. even though tires are spending, you are so very lucky that that is all you need to replace. :-) sorry your day was yucky. today will be amazing!

  3. Ahhh what a bummer! I just had to buy 2 new tires. Buying "adult stuff" is never fun! :(

  4. Oh my gosh, Devon! You were serious about the flat tire! Well I just had to buy two new tires and I have run flats. I will leave your imagination to guess how much those damn things cost. I drive on them "low" for months. I hate to buy things like tires!

  5. That is a rough car day!!!!
    I had to get new tires last winter. So expensive.
    "So I guess this is growing up" LOL

  6. We have an FJ too! Love it, but those tires are expensive. Hope your car troubles get better soon!

  7. I love your ride - I've often fantasized about trading in the Jeep on an FJ - but I love my jeep too much. But I ADORE FJ's. Get that ride some new shoes and all will be right in the world.

    Think of it this way... if not for that crazy day - you'd not have this entertaining story to tell on the blog, right?

  8. Elementary school parking lots are the worst. Hope things start looking up soon!

  9. Oh no! Sounds like a rough day, but you seem to have a positive attitude even when it is hard which is something I really admire and will without a doubt make things easier.


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