Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Trip Down Memory Trail

     We went up to my parent's house in Orange County on Friday night. The house I grew up in. The house I lived in when I learned to surf. On Saturday morning, my dad, Scott and I woke up before the sun and began packing the car for surfing. The car I drove in college. The car my dad drove in college, too. We packed the towels in the truck bed, then the wetsuits, then the boards on top of it all. 

     My dad, Scott and I all sat in the three front seats with the heater blasting on our feet and the morning air blowing over the windshield and into our ears. It felt like fall, but more than that, it felt like the beginning of my surf life when my dad and I would ride to San Onofre State Beach to meet his best friend Kevin for "dawn patrol". It's been a while since either of us have been to our old stomping grounds. To the place where my dad taught me to surf. To the place where I used to practice each day, trying to improve, so that when we surfed together, he would be impressed. 

    There's other significance to this area too. Scott and I got engaged at San Onofre a little over two years ago and my sisters and I had some of our earliest beach memories there. 

     We parked the car at trail one and met up with the rest of our surf crew, Kevin and Kelly. It smelled like sage brush as sea salt. We walked down the trail to surf together. Just like we used to. Just like I hope we always will. 

Are there any special beaches that speak to your heart?


  1. i love san onofre!!!

    big sur is our special place- we went on a lovely road trip there on my last spring break, fell in love, and ended up getting married on the cliffs!

    oh.. and maui. ka'anapali. yup, those two are our spots (:

  2. the golden light is so pretty!
    i feel like falling in love again everytime i go home. it's one of the best feelings

  3. Thank you for the trip! Some of the best memories of my life included that GMC and you! I remember making s'mores for you when you were was September and we just watch the sunset and finished picnic dinner at the sun dipped away you turned to me and said "Rara" where does the sun go to sleep...and I said..."the sun never sleeps as he has to light the way for a surfer somewhere" giggled...I remember this like it was yesterday!

  4. I don't know the first thing about surfing, though I've watched them plenty on the North Shore in Hawaii. I love looking at all of your beautiful photos. Poipu Beach in Kauai, Hawaii is my absolute favorite :)


  5. I seriously love the pictures you take. The lighting, the angles, the simplicity. Love everything about them.
    And I love your blog.
    And your lifestyle.

  6. sounds delicious! glad you had fun, chica!

  7. It must be so nice to visit your parents' house... the house you grew up in. My mom just days ago put my childhood home on the market. Its a sad thing.. I lived in the same house my entire life. You are lucky you still have yours to go back to.

  8. Lovely pics! We have certainly spent many hours in PB through our college years... But, as for speaking to my heart, I/we love San Simeon. Something about that area is just so calming. Our relationship always gets a nice happy boost when we visit up there. And lots of good wine! haha I don't know what the surf is like, though. ;-)

  9. You seriously post the prettiest pictures! I love trips down memory lane...specially ones about my childhood. it's the most emotional/happy experience :)

  10. You make me want to be a surfer even though I don't know the first thing about surfing. Haha. I love those spots that just hold so many memories. So fun to walk back down memory lane. :)

  11. What beautiful memories and such an awesome car! Glad fall has finally found you guys down there :)

  12. This made me smile SO big this morning. I love memory lane. Youth and thinking about when we first learned to do things.

    I also am head over heels in love with that GMC! SO awesome!!! And the color, perfect!

    You asked about special beaches.... one beach will always hold my heart it's a small island off the coast of North Carolina. Close to Wilmington, NC - probably about 45-60 minute drive... Called Topsail Island, NC and Surf City, NC at one end. I grew up there. My family owned a beach house there. They purchased it when I was in 7th grade, but we visited there and rented houses for years before that.

    I learned a lot in those years, made great friends with the surfer boy who's parents owned the cottages next to ours. I never learned to surf and I kick myself for that. I have it on my bucket list I want to learn before I turn 40! (I'm going to be 36 this year).

    When my parents divorced when I was 19, it was sad to let the beach house go. My mother moved to NC so I got to visit the beach when I visited her. 4 years ago she passed away from complications of leukemia. I hadn't been back until the summer before I got married. My husband and I made plans to go there with my Dad - he hadn't been back since the divorce. I was 19 then... long time.

    The plan was that my husband was going to propose to me at the beach - he invited a ton of my friends down. It would have been wonderful to get engaged in a place that meant so much to me - however plans changed. After the April tornadoes here in AL, he didn't want to chance not telling me how he felt, and he proposed here at home at the first place he took me when I visited to sight see. It meant 100% more.

    We still visited the beach - and the minute I went over the bridge into town (a swinging, two way bridge that swings every hour to let boats through) i instantly felt like I was in middle school again - I wished I had packed some neon nail polish, some tie tie and was ready to sit on the pier and watch the guys and girls surf all day long.

    SORRY FOR THE BOOK - But you asked ;)

  13. Stunning pictures, and beautiful words to accompany them. You have a knack for perfectly illustrating memories that allow readers to experience them along with you, it is incredible.

    I have a few special beaches, all of which are in BC, but the two most important are Jericho Beach in Vancouver and Three Mile in the Okanagan. I love them both for different reasons.
    Jericho is where my group of friends spend our summer nights. We eat and laugh and just enjoy being in such a beautiful place. It has becoming increasingly special as we've scattered for university during our school years because we still come back to it the same time each year. It is a place of only good memories.
    Three Mile is a retreat. It is secluded and not a place many people who live outside of the area know about. We are almost always the only ones there when we go and I love that. Its the place of summer night cool downs and family bondings.

    Thanks for causing me to reflect on this!


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