Friday, September 28, 2012

Photos by: Dad

      My dad took these pictures. I'm always stoked to have surf photos. I guess that's a little self-involved, but there's something so special about having a picture of a moment that felt magical and almost unreal. It's also super neat having my dad experiencing this moment with me. I like to think that when I look back on these pictures, I won't just see my moment, but a moment we shared. I get to see what we both saw at one given time and there's something really remarkable about that.  Sure, I'm in my twenties now, but it's pretty common for me to paddle over to my dad and say "Did ya see that, Dad? Did you see me!?" That's pretty self-involved too, I guess, but I love sharing such a special part of my life with him.

Happy weekend guys!


  1. I love this post! And that is so rad your Dad took these pictures. It always feels good to make Dads proud. I am always saying things to my dad like "did that make you proud? Proud of me?!"

  2. I spent all last week out in Pacific city with my mom, sister, and some close family friends. I was able to surf 4 out of the 5 full days we were there and it was incredible. No fun shots though :-( I need updated pictures! these are so rad!

  3. I don't think that is self-involved at all! As you said, that moment captures a special moment that you will think of as being both of yours. For all of the times you see sharing your interests as being self-involved, I bet your Dad is happy you still want him to BE involved. Your board looks AWESOME, by the way.

  4. Such awesome photos!!!
    Love this!
    Hope all is well,
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  5. Cool paint job! I like your photos but I want to see more surfing videos, you rip chica!

    saludos from Panama,

  6. These pictures are FANTASTIC, Devon, and how great to have your dad there to capture these moments! Love it!!! :)

  7. I think it's so sweet you have that kind of bond with your dad! "Did you see that, Dad?" Too cute!

  8. @lily thank you so much :) ! I'm working on a new surf film I hope to put up before the end of the year.



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