Friday, September 14, 2012

Back to School

    This week I started tutoring from home. I've been in all kinds of denial about summer coming to an end, as I usually am, but starting this new endeavor made it all the more apparent that a new season is almost at our door step. After I quit my teaching job, I had to come up with some creative ways to make a living. This is the most recent job I will be adding to a list of odd ones a surfer must have to stay afloat.   
     To accommodate my new student, Scott built this table and I added the supplies we needed. In my old classroom, one of the women I worked with had been teaching for quite some time and was very specific about how the classroom would be set up and how it would be filled. In a lot of ways, I understood. If I had been teaching for 30 years, I know I'd have some routines and habits I wouldn't be willing to give up, so I tried to let her do her thing. It was hard though, because during the years leading up to my debut as a classroom teacher, I thought about what I would do when I had my own classroom everyday. I had collected a number of things I had hoped to use. Most of these things ended up staying in a box in my garage. Not any more. 

Not any more!

     Since the weather is warm for a good portion of the year in San Diego, I thought there was no better place for this work area than outside under an overhang. I love natural environments the most and feel happy to include mother nature in my new teaching team.

I missed teaching so much. Now I'm reopening that chapter on my terms.

p.s. thank you all for your sweet and supportive comments about my published article!


  1. Looks wonderful. With my goal of homeschooling my kids someday, teaching outside is one of the things I look forward to the most :)

  2. What a fun and perfect set up! I'm sure your students will absolutely LOVE it. My mom home schooled my sisters and I for six years when we lived in Puerto Rico and she would always find fun a creative settings like this for us. Such good memories!

  3. What an amazing idea! You are so creative and I know you will flourish with your new students :)

  4. That is a great idea! It is always fantastic to be doing something you love!



  5. One closes
    Another one opens

  6. This is going to be an amazing place to tutor at!! I would just want to be there all the time it's so perfect.

  7. How perfect! The kids will love learning with you. I don't think I knew you were a teacher before...and your husband is a teacher too?? No wonder I like you. :)

  8. that is ADORABLE. scott is handy and that's one cute table. love the jars of colored pencils and things too.

  9. I love that Scott is so handy. He has built so many wonderful things for your home! The tutoring set-up looks amazing. Very vibrant and kid-friendly!

  10. That looks awesome! I'm sure the kiddos will appreciate being outside in the colorful garden. Good luck the with the new school year, keep up posted!

    Eau de Violet

  11. That is the PERFECT study area. Best of luck on your new adventure!

  12. just came across your cute blog, love your lifestyle!


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