Thursday, August 16, 2012

South Dakota to Pennsylvania

Pull My Heart Away by Jack Peñate on Grooveshark
"I will have to pull my heart away,
Cause if I never leave, I'll ruin yesterday" 
~Jack Penate

     We woke up this morning to a semi-truck noisily unloading burrito contents into a Chipotle in Pennsylvania. It was one of those mornings where I wondered if I even slept at all. We basically argued our way through Ohio the day before over directions and other things that only become trivial with hindsight and when I swore my stomach was going to eat itself if we didn't get food immediately (I get dramatic when I'm hungry, can I get an amen?) we called it a night just outside of Pittsburgh in a suburb called Wexford and slept in the car behind Chipotle after eating dinner there. 
     It's hard to start your day with a smile when your neck is so sore that you can't look left, and you still have six hours until your next destination (Philadelphia), but I needed to look at this moment as if it were already a part of my past. I needed to see myself and Scott from the eyes of my 70 year old someday-self and appreciate how funny it was and how glad I would be that it happened. If we never left the comforts of our home by the beach to sleep in the car in a strip mall off the Pennsylvania turnpike, I wouldn't have as many stories to laugh about on the inevitable down days that life provides. Last night's experience, along with the rest of our trip moments, will be a treasure trove of quiet smiles in years to come. 
This trip rocks! (corny, I know) Mt. Rushmore and me
Scott at his father's childhood house in Muscatine, Iowa
Our friends Kate and Mike on their big day! The wedding was perfect and we love them immensely
Deep dish pizza at Gino's in Chicago
Gotham city, ha. Or, rather, biking through Chicago with our friends in the rain
Vegetarian pierogis made by my friend Basia's mom// Starting the morning with a hot breakfast on this trip has been rare. You better believe we enjoyed it!
Next? Visiting the brother and family of a grandfather I wasn't fortunate enough to know, then off to Wedding number two in Rhode Island. 
What have you been up to?

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  1. Ah, I've been to Muscatine! :) Actually (don't laugh) I skiied just across the river from there, in Illinois. It was lame. But it was my first time skiing, so I was OK with lame.

    I've had Gino's pizza too. Wonderful stuff.

  2. Geeess.... I am so jealous of everything about your trip. My husband is actually in Pittsburgh right now visiting his family. I would love to have a pierogi right now!

  3. Gino's is soooo yummy!! Looks like its been a great trip so far!

  4. what a cool mount rushmore photo!!

    as soon as i saw the pizza i knew you had to have been in my neck of the woods, nothing better than local chitown pizza!!

    have a great rest of your trip;looks awesome and memorable!!

  5. so cool you got to see mt. rushmore!!!!!

  6. that picture of you and your friend in Chicago is awesome! what a great trip!


  7. that picture of you and your friend in Chicago is awesome! what a great trip!


  8. look like so much fun!
    biking through the rain? i think that's so cool. and i like your cranky photo. haha

  9. First off, what kind of camera do you have? I'm looking for a new one and yours are always so pretty, crisp and clear.
    It's inevitable not to wake up cranky when your neck is sore. :/
    That pizza looks dank though! Yum!!!
    Hope you guys are having fun!!

  10. Isn't it funny how the tough times eventually make your relationship stronger? =)

    Your trip really looks wonderful!

    Enjoy it

  11. I love your blog! When I looked back through all your posts, it made me cry, and smile too! Thanks for inspiring me, to try new things and to remember to take advantage of and enjoy the simple things in life!

    = )


  12. Being hangry is a serious matter. It happens to me far too often, I feel your pain!

  13. Girl I am a MONSTER when I'm hungry. My poor husband.

    Ahhh you drove through Ohio! You probably came so close to me! Pretty boring drive :) That's why I choose to live in Columbus...civilization!

    Your cranky picture is hilarious...I know the feeling well ;)

  14. What is it about fights in cars? Brian and I only have knock-down-drag-out fights while traveling by car. If I don't eat every 3 hours or so, I get really crazy and cranky so I totally get the food thing.
    What an awesome adventure. Loving your posts and pictures.
    Stacy and Brian

  15. Girl, it's called being HANGRY, and I know the feeling. Glad to see that you guys are well and creating all sorts of memories, even the bickering kind. ;-)

  16. oh my goodness- the pic of you and mt rushmore?!?!?! I DIE! as if i needed any more convincing to road trip to the dakotas (through WY, of course)....

    so glad you are documenting all of your trip!!! i'm having so much fun vicariously living through you (;

  17. That sounds like quite the adventure! Sleeping behind Chipotle, keeping it classy!

  18. Stumbled upon your blog and I had to read this post since I live in South Dakota! Looks like an amazing trip!


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