Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New York, New York

 Dear New York,
     We've only just met, but I feel like I know you. You've only been in three dozen of the movies I've seen, after all. I can only imagine the adventures a person could have in this city. I'm so used to having mine at sea, but after visiting your concrete playground filled with underground mazes and over-water bridges, I understand that adventure can happen just about anywhere. After our first meeting, I can't wait to see you again so I can get to know you better.
Lady Liberty
sisters talking and getting ready to go out
the Gold Bar, get it? It was creepily awesome!
subway sisters [left to right/oldest to youngest me, Danielle, Maddie]
vegetarian meatballs with pesto and risotto at The Meatball Shop on the Lower East Side. It was killer!
Sister in the city; Danielle lives here full time
9/11 Memorial
my first attempt at hailing a cab
a rooftop view of the skyline
Eataly and Birreria
[clockwise from left Lindsey, me, Scott, Danielle]
Rockefeller Plaza 
tired, can't you tell?
brother and sister
     Take care of my sister, New York. I love her so. I've noticed you've taught her many things already. She is stronger and she has grown.


another note from the road: We're off to the South. You'll be happy to know I haven't lost my mind yet. I was shocked too. It's been almost three weeks, and my gills have nearly dried up, but we're headed for waves and you better believe I'm happy about that.

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  1. How fun! I want to visit! Did you see Central Park?



  2. i love all the updates! im also quite jealous! the photos are beautiful, i love the 9/11 memorial photo. so touching. you and your sisters are gorgeous! travel safe lady.

  3. what a fun trip to NYC!! so cool you've been able to see your fam on this journey (:

    keep on truckin, kids (;

  4. What great pictures! I'm headed there in October.. can't wait!

  5. That night time shot of the skyline is awesome! I'm dying to visit New York one day!

  6. i adored NYC,i tackled it for the first time and on my own this past SPring and i cannot wait to go back either. there is so much to see/do that i just scraped the surface. i am totally jealous of your amazing nighttime skyline photo and all your photos are awesomely fantastic!!

    can't wait to see the south :)

  7. Oh my gosh.... this brought tears to my eyes. Because I only met New York one time but I love it so. I miss it. More than anything. Also.. you and your sister. You girls are adorable. You are all amazing. Although I am sad you are leaving NYC, I am happy for your to be heading to the ocean. I know you need that. You are a mermaid, after all. =)

  8. Read this again, and I REALLY miss living in NYC!

  9. I'm so glad you're having fun! I have always wanted to visit New York but for now I have to kind of see it through other peoples eyes. :)

    (Those meatballs looked amazing. Vegetarian meatballs confuses me, but they still look amazing.)

  10. This made me want to go to NY so bad! I have dreams about NY allll the time and I've never been there. I feel like if I go there a part of my soul already knows it... I dunno.
    I am really jealous of your Bob Dylan shirt!!! So rad! Did you make it??
    Those skyline pics are so gorgeous. All the pics are but those were my fave

  11. Yay! The South! You're going to love it. (I hope haha)

    I have only been to NYC once. I went last December so it was cold and Christmasy and I absolutely loved it. Well everything but the cold part.

  12. Sounds like you had an amazing time in New York! I hope you have fun in the waves as soon as you find them. I'm envious of all your travels that you've been on!

  13. aww i need to visit new york asap

  14. Dev, what an amazing trip! I'm so jealous of your sister time in New York. Now that my sisters have kiddos, it makes having just sister time more difficult! You girls got some good genes :)

  15. It must have been so nice to see your sister. I love New York!


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