Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Retro Fish Video: 2

This week has been weightlessly wonderful and overwhelmingly heavy all at the same time. 
I had this dream last night where I was in my own little cove surfing warm turquoise waves that broke perfectly over and over again. I was by myself, but I felt like someone was watching me, even though I couldn't see who. The place reminded me of Never Never Land, where nothing ever changed. Sometimes I think I'd be ok with that, even though I'm pretty sure I wouldn't. 
Am I being obscure enough? Don't worry, (not that you were), I will tell the real story later. 
Until then, here is a video Scott and I spent some time making this week. The waves in it remind me of the ones from that dream.

A little background: 
Scott hand-shaped and glassed this board for me in the spring of 2009 as a surprise for my birthday. It is a very flat board that goes fast, with a big tail that glides through turns (when I surf it right, of course). It has no leash and I have to swim to get it more often than I'd like to admit. But it's good. A fall here and there keeps me on my toes and reminds me that I'm not incapable of mistakes.  
Of all the boards I own, I couldn't live without this one. It was made with love. 


  1. Cool video. That is really sweet that your hubby did that for you. So cool. I like that your video has the Black Keys playing!

  2. I love this video and post. Your content is so creative!

  3. So sweet! Love that your hubby put so much time and love into something he knew you would cherish! I'm with you...sometimes I wish things would never change, but I know that I would be fitful if that wish ever came true. God knows what we need, and what we can handle.

  4. I find it fascinating to watch the surfing. I want to try it so bad! If I could get ONE good run out of a lot I would be content. :)

  5. Love watching someone else do what they love. Especially when it's so foreign to me as surfing is. Hope everything that's 'heavy' turns out okay!

  6. "Of all the boards I own, I couldn't live without this one. It was made with love." You guys are the sweetest! I personally think thoughtful home-made gifts are the best kind.


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