Thursday, June 21, 2012

Surf Trick: On the Face Slash

The on the face slash is a great turn for summertime's smaller waves because you don't need a lot of speed to pull it off. Look at how small this wave is, for example. 
Many of the waves at my homebreak are slow on the outside and then speed up as they move closer to shore. I like to do this turn on the slower section because it's fun and doesn't burn the speed I need for the bigger turn I plan to do next on the inside section. Finally, the higher you do this turn on the wave, the more spray you will throw! 

Step one:
Gain a little speed by pumping down the line and then do a small bottom turn up the face of the wave. As you are bottom turning, get your wings out because you are going to need them to bring this turn around. Aim towards the top of the wave and look at the section you'd like to turn on.
*I actually hate this shot, but as you can see, you can do a weak bottom turn and still pull this off.
Step two:
As you get to the top of the wave, plant your back foot and slightly turn your arms and upper body towards the beach, but not too hard. If you turn your whole upper body you will be doing more of a cutback and that will really burn your speed. What you're looking for is a quick fun slash before you set up for a bigger turn. 
 Step three:
Crouch down and push your back foot towards your tail. Staying low is the key to success if you are doing this turn on small wave with a slow section. It is also very important to stay centered over your board so you don't loose your balance.
 Step four: 
Let your fins readjust and find their line again before you move onto the next section.
I hope this helps you have more fun out there!
If you don't plan on surfing, then I hope you found this interesting :)
I learned so much of what I know from Taj Burrow's Book of Hot Surfing. It's a great surf book to own.


  1. I want to learn to surf sooo bad! It is on my bucket list and then these tips will come in helpful! :)


  2. you're pretty rad

  3. you are a rockstar.
    and my idol.
    when can I come visit you so you can teach me how to surf?

  4. Well, look at YOU, girl! You've got to be one of the most kick-ass girls I know.

  5. i agree with Tiff when can WE come and visit so you can teach us how to surf.

    again agree with lindsay. you are one kick ass girl! im almost jealous of how cool your life is:)

  6. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I want to learn how to surf so badly! Come to BC and teach me? In all seriousness though, bookmarking all of these posts so that when I actually (hopefully, maybe, sometime in the future) learn to surf I can look back on them and know what you're talking about.

  7. Seriously amazing! I'm so inspired!

  8. @Julia D. I actually entered a contest to win a trip to BC so you never know! I would love to meet you and teach you :)

  9. Can't wait to try this out on the smaller swells we get in the strait of juan de fuca this winter! After I have my little one of course lol.


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