Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lately: Thoughts and Pictures

It feels like summer
The air and water have been warmer
We went on a boat ride in the Channel Islands harbor with Scott's Uncle Jack and Aunt Amy
Aunt Amy made us a delicious dinner: stuffed tomatoes, watermelon arugula salad with balsamic dressing, vegetarian lasagna. Yum! We felt so spoiled.
We played softball on Scott's parent's co-ed team
I surfed without my full wetsuit and without a leash.
 We had brunch with my mom and dad// ??

Random Thoughts
  • We should have registered for sporks.
  • Why aren't there any cool movies about the gold rush? Money and high drama. Come on, it's got to be better than the Kardashians.
  • I like to think of my memory like a superpower. Like how Iceman can generate freezing temperatures to make ice and Edward Cullen can read minds. I can remember all the details of who I am so I can be my best self.
    •  ((I've always wanted to have a superpower, so I have basically decided to believe something ordinary I have is one. Scott is skeptical.))
Had any random thoughts lately? 

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  1. LOVE the pictures!! My favorites are the ones of you surfing... as always :) I WISH I lived near the ocean!

  2. I'm still really hung up on those stuffed tomatoes.

  3. love the pictures.. and your look awesome surfing... i cant wait to try it one day!

  4. love the pictures.. and your look awesome surfing... i cant wait to try it one day!

  5. Looks like you're having an amazing summer! I love that you & Scott & your respective families are so active :)

  6. Your post is the epitome of summertime! And that dinner looks delicious. Now I want stuffed tomatoes.

    And I think your super power is awesome.

  7. I love love love your summer pictures. Where is the first picture taken? It looks like Hawaii. Please don't tell me that is your backyard? I will force my way into being your real like friend so that I can come hang out with you down there.

  8. love the pictures.
    love the food (like a fat kid loves cake.)
    love the super power.

  9. I'm really jealous of that dinner. It not only sounds good but looks amazing and so classy! Wine glasses with the bottle on the table! Someday I'll be that classy.
    I love when you do the thought journal thoughts!
    Hope you're having a great week!!

  10. PS: Where do you get all your dresses?

  11. Those stuffed tomatoes look to die for! Yum!

    Also, you are too cute :)

  12. I love your always look so happy! :)
    And YES pretty much everything is better than the Kardashians! I would go see a movie about the gold rush! (although I doubt it would make it into the theaters here in Ireland...Don't think they know what it is haha!)

  13. Looks like you've been having a ton of fun!


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