Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Realizations After the Roxy Contest

     The Roxy contest is over and I don't know if I'll ever be able to thank everyone for their kindness. It was scary putting myself out there to be judged and even more uncomfortable asking for your votes, but I appreciate the support like a pat on the back or a loving hug. Putting up my video felt kind of like standing in front of a huge crowd of people, sharing a poem about what's in my heart, and then waiting to see if the audience would applaud at the end or just leave me standing there in an uncomfortable silence. Your votes were like clapping hands to me and for that I am eternally grateful. 
     Now that I write this down, I wish I would have used my ability to vote on other contestants with fewer votes rather than only for myself. And thinking about this makes me sigh out loud, twirl my hair with hasty hands and think, oh selfishness, I hope I distance myself more from you someday
  Although, perhaps a realization like this is what's most important. This deeper awareness  gives me some understanding about the purpose of this contest in my life so far, because there has to be more purpose to it than winning or losing. 
     I believe everything happens for a reason. The reason I did this contest in the first place was because I had to follow any potential path that could lead me to greater fulfillment of my dream--to surf around the world and connect with others by sharing my love and passion for the ocean and for life. I needed to show my sponsor, Roxy, how committed I am to my surfing and their brand. But now that this part of the contest is completed, I realize I needed to experience the selfless support of others (YOU, the kind person spending some of their day encouraging me in my life) so it could inspire me to make sure I'm that person for someone else. 
     I'm sure there's more, many more, realizations and purposes that will come out of me entering this contest. And more important than any victory are these realizations. They give a deeper purpose to me entering the contest and to my life.

Cheers to all of you and thank you!


  1. You are so sweet. Seriously. And you are more than welcome. I would vote for you any day!

  2. It's great you can find positive learning experiences in everything. I enjoy your honest writing style.

  3. Oh, darling there is nothing wrong with you wanting to succeed as long is there is no ego involved, an clearly there is not. You are just following yor heart and that is what we are supposed to do right?. You have a beautiful heart.

  4. Devon - what a beautiful reflection. I don't believe you were not selfish at all because you were not ensuring you were promoting others too. In business, if you want to grow you do have to self promote - I think you do an awesome job!! By supporting the winner, that is your way of giving back. who hoo! Random rant - but wanted you to know we will all vote for you for your next contest!

  5. you have to go for your dreams. no one else is going to do it for you. so with that being said, dont feel like you were being selfish, because you were striving to reach your goals (which you will).

    selfish is me eating that last bit of food, and not sharing with the husband:)

  6. Such decent content can be found on this site. You have everything from healthy eating tips to your feelings about life. I love the content and feel a connection to who you are without even knowing you.

  7. Devon what a BEAUTIFUL reflection of your selfless soul! This is EXACTLY why ROXY needs YOU! You are REAL and you are an INSPIRATION that young girls so desperately NEED in their lives~! I was truly honored to vote for you and to share with all my friends to vote for you! Your beautiful heart has touched mine...ever since that day when I met your 5 year old full of joy and life!

  8. A reflection like this only proves that you really deserve all of those votes, Devon. Yes, having a blog may have helped, but your attitude about the contest only makes us all want to vote for you even more in any endeavor you go after!


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