Monday, May 7, 2012

Billabong XXL Awards Show

Roberta and I
with big wave pioneer and surf legend Shane Dorian. Stoked!
Scott with Shane Dorian
Keala and I// Yikes!
On Friday we attended the Billabong XXL awards show with Roberta, who is back from her time in Canada (Yay!!). You would think the vibes at such an event would be intense as all the nominees spend the year leading up to the awards chasing the biggest waves in the world and risking their lives in the process, but it was anything but. Surfers grace the blue carpet wearing their best flannel shirts and awesome accessories like vintage war goggles. We were especially excited to see Shane Dorian and Keala Kennelly, two of our surf heros. Some of the award categories included biggest wave, monster paddle, biggest tube, worst wipeout and male and female performance of the year. Crazy stuff, huh?

Check out more on the Billabong XXL Awards here
Watch Keala's XXL tube ride here
Follow Keala on Twitter here


  1. what a cool experience. you present the photos so nicely

  2. Hey i love that star fish headband! Where did you get it? Sweet pictures, glad you had a blast (:


  3. @Sam Thanks! I made it with a cheap elastic headband and some small rubber bands.

  4. Hey Devon! I noticed you were a new follower on my blog so I had to check out your blog and I'm so darn happy I did! Your blog is such a happy place, I just love it. I live in WI so I can't wait to hear more about your adventures with the warm air and beautiful ocean! I'll teach you about snow shoeing and you can teach me about surfing!! ;))

  5. LOVE the headband! And omg Shane Dorian AND Keala! Awesome! You guys looked like you had a BLAST! And you must show us how you made that headband!

    ♥ Duckie.

  6. The bottom picture with that giant wave is SCARY. Was that biggest wave or worst wipeout! :D

  7. @Liz I know, isn't that nuts!? Even crazier is the fact that he made that wave. The guy in the other picture wasn't so lucky.

  8. Where's your dress from? It's cute!

  9. Wow, what an experience! You two look so incredibly happy to be there... love it! :D

  10. @Anonymous it's the Roxy "Savage" dress and thanks!

  11. Excuse me when I say this buuuut... you are one bad ass chick for surfing AND being sponsored by one of my all time fave brands... Roxy! You just scored yourself a new follower! Not like I am famous or anything LOL!


  12. Like everyone else, I am in love with that headband! Very mermaid-y and cute!


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