Friday, April 20, 2012

This Week Under the Fog

     This week was kind of grey at the beach. I know it was like 80 degrees everywhere else in San Diego, but this time of year the beach is under a near constant cover of clouds and fog known as the marine layer (kind of reminds me of the line from Twilight about Forks, anyone else?)

Well, under the the fog this week...

 Scott did a 360. 

I broke out a different surfboard. It's a swallow tail thruster. What does that mean? It has three fins and a tail like a swallow. I guess you may have figured that out. It's also a little wider and thicker than my typical short board, which was perfect because, although California had swell, it was kind of mushy. Here I am riding it.

It's so humble at the end when I'm all looking back like "did you get that?" This isn't even a good wave.

I made my mom's pasta salad sans chicken and an Ina recipe for soup I got from Bridget. 

This week I got the
I feel honored that Ashley and Robin from 333 Miles ...with love gave me this Leibster award. I went back to my friend Emily's blog to see how she formatted her post when she won and then realized she had given me the award way back when. Feelings of overwhelming guilt followed. Thanks Emily! Sorry I totally missed the mention. I recommend checking out both blogs as the girls who run them are some of the sweetest and funniest people I have met through blogging. 

Now I'm gonna pass the award along to: Red Lipstick and Melodies, F-E-S-TLife is SweetThe Failte HouseFrikken DuckieRead about what to do here. 
Part of the award is sharing 5 random things about yourself.
Since I already shared 10 random things about myself I thought I'd share 5 random things about Scott and me. 

1. We've read the Twilight and Hunger Games series together
-I read Twilight out loud to Scott which started when he was sick and then continued after that.
-We listened to The Hunger Games series on "tape" (i-pod) starting on a road trip.
2. We both have two younger sisters. All 4 of them live on the east coast. Our middle sisters live together in NYC. 
3. We like to play video games at night
-Currently we are playing Zelda, but we love a good Mario Cart race. Scott almost always wins, but when I win he can expect excessive celebrations and in-your-face remarks
4. I don't have a pet name for Scott. I just call him Scott or husband. He calls me Dev, wife, sweetheart and love. 
5. We both got our black belts as kids. Don't mess. 

And that was this week. A week where I stayed up too late and woke up too often in the middle of the night, but a week where I was very thankful for my life nonetheless.
How was your week?


  1. oh i love that you read to him, and then both listened to the book on tape.. we take so many road trips, but i've never thought about buying books on tape (hello, mcfly?!)

    but now, im going to HAVE to..

    happy friday girl!

  2. Your reaction in that 360 video is the best.

  3. I JUST finished reading Hunger Games this week (started Monday.. went thru all three of them in three days!) They were so good!

  4. I loved every single thing about this post. I've said it before but I'll say it again...y'all are just the cutest. Love that goofy picture.

    I loved hearing y'all's voices in those videos! (PS I just realized how southern I sound with "y'all's" haha. That was weird to type.)

  5. Hi! I recently found your blog--love it! I live in SD as well, and I really appreciate the way you write about the ocean. And it's so cute to hear you cheering on your husband in the 360 video.

  6. A) The 360 video is so sweet. Go Scott!
    B) So funny that you just discovered the Liebster award :) Better late than never, eh!
    C) I, too, love Mario Cart. I also choose Toad since he's so light and fast. But then I lose control and go off the course at times for those same reasons. I just love his little "wahoo's" and "I'm the best"s.

    1. The funny thing about the award is that I read that post on your blog and just didn't see the nominations. I remembered seeing it and that's why I went back to your post to see what to do #spacecase #belatedthanks

  7. Thanks for the award! I think its so cute that you two read books together. Joey's not really a fan of reading or Twilight OR Hunger Games. So its usually just me, reading alone. Lol. And I LOVE Zelda! I've been trying to convince Joey to get us a new Xbox since our Wii broke...maybe for my birthday. Lol.

    ♥ Duckie.

  8. Haven't had the chance to read Hunger Games yet. I was hoping to read it when we were in Disneyland over Easter. Have a great weekend!

  9. Devon, thank you so much for this sweet honor!! :)

    I love that you and your husband read together. I think that is the sweetest thing. I hope you had an amazing weekend!!

  10. Man you have surfed in some great places!! I am uber jealous! When and what part of Peru and the Caribbean would you recommend for good waves?

  11. Oh my goodness. I'm now just seeing this and now I feel guilty too! Haha.. Thank you so much. I feel honored.



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