Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Real Me

     It's 5am here. No, actually now it's 5:47am, but I woke up at 5am after Scott accidentally kneed me in the butt in bed, awakening me and allowing me to realize how badly I really had to go to the bathroom. After that, my mind was too awake to go back to sleep and began to wander. First, I began to think about Easter and Jesus, since it is Easter now. We watched the Passion of the Christ last night and that movie had so many horrifying images I can't believe I ever fell asleep in the first place. Then, I thought about how grateful I am for God's sacrifice and how crazy this world really is, knowing full and well that I will never understand it. I thought about how thankful I am for what I have and then after that, I went back to more shallow thoughts like how I come across in the blogging world and who my readers think I am. 
    On Friday I was in a sponsor feature on another blog and it was a great feature, don't get me wrong, I mean who doesn't want to be complimented, but I began to realize how Scott and I frequently get portrayed as this hot surf couple. I was so homely (and lonely) in high school that the idea of me being at all attractive still sort of shocks me. I feel very flattered and print and cherish those features, but my greatest hope for this blog is that people can see me as I really am. I want you to hear my thoughts and concerns, passions and dreams, and in the best case scenario, find something about me that resonates with you. If you really do see this blog as a place about two flawless people, something we are anything but (especially me), then it's my fault and I want to change that.
     It's an odd thought to put unattractive images of yourself out for people to see, and I guess somewhere deep down I have hoped that some surf sponsor will see us on this blog and think we are "the perfect surf couple to send on this epic surf safari/feature in our magazine/be in our TV show" (very unrealistic, I know, but I told you this place is about dreams). I try to be optimistic and I love the idea of sharing surf stories that allow readers to escape, which is what surfing does for me, but as I sit here at 5:58 am on Easter Sunday in my favorite red robe my grandmother gave me before she died, I want to make sure that at all times you know who I really am. 

So here I am...

I'm Devon
I love to write. I started to love writing in 6th grade because it was the first thing I was any good at in school. I continue to do it because I feel a need to document how I feel and what goes on around me. I want to have a record of our life together and the crazy adventures we've been on that have allowed us to discover more of who Scott and I are as individuals and as a couple. I want my family and friends to see how much they mean to me. I hope that God knows how thankful I really am (not that he like reads my blog). I want to share how passionate I am about surfing and nature and how they free me.
I want this blog to make me a better writer and a better person.
I want to get to know other people on a deeper level and learn about their thoughts, concerns, passions and dreams. 

Ok, that's all for now.

I hope this post gives you an idea of who I am at 5am, but I hope this blog will show you who I am as  person and what it means to me to live (that's a bit dramatic isn't it? well, I can be that sometimes too). 

Happy Easter and Passover!


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    1. thank you! i feel pretty vulnerable writing stuff like this on here and it's nice to have support! :)

  2. I personally think that those of us who read your blog regularly know that you're more than just a pretty surfer. =) Or at least I know that... And although I could see why you're not so comfortable being portrayed as a "hot surf couple" I don't think you should lose your dream of being on some cool reality tv show. Eat that ish up! It's really noo that far off...
    And about the features I think whenever one of us bloggers is featured on another blog it's really the superficial things that get touched on. The things that might bring a reader to your blog. It's kind of like when you meet someone for the first time in person. All you really see if what's on the outside, if you make an effort to stick around you see what's on the inside... and I know a lot of people stick around your blog because they like more than what's just on the outside.

    Happy Easter =)

    1. Thanks Tammy! You are so right about the features and I love them, I sincerely do, but after posting about my good surf at Trestles, our nice weekends etc. I was like "I hope I'm showing them the real me and not just painting this flawless picture". It's weird when you know yourself in and out, day after day and know the imperfections...I just want to be real about all that. Anyways, thanks for the sweet words and encouragement. Happy Easter! :)

  3. I struggle with this same thing. Yes, of course I post pictures when I look good but I also post pictures when I look terrible and I want people to know who I really am - nothing special, just a girl. I might take this idea & link back to you. I really like it. Happy Easter! Hope it's filled with sunshine and good waves!

    1. Hey Ali,
      You are so right! It's hard, but important to paint an accurate picture of yourself on your blog. I think sometimes too I already feel like I'm in this "it's all about me" situation having a blog, but I want to be relatable and have my blog be for others as well, like I think we all do.

      Link back to me anytime! And Happy Easter to you too :)

  4. Yes, you are beautiful, but what I love most is that you have a beautiful heart that shows through in your writing. As you and I have learned, we have things in common, but we are completely different, and I love learning your perspective through this blog. You are wonderful, Devon! I hope you enjoyed your Easter Sunday with your family!

  5. I know exactly which feature you're referring to :) I think those features are really just a 30-second elevator pitch to get people interested. As for how you portray yourself here on your blog, I think you are very raw and open. You've shared your insecurities about quitting your well as your hopes and dreams. I've certainly never felt that I was getting a photoshopped look at your life.

    But I encourage the quest for authenticity...and I believe that part of that quest is to continue asking yourself "am I sharing my true self?" Just by asking that question, there's a strong chance the answer is yes.

    <3 ya girl. Happy Easter :)

  6. I love your blog, because it's much more than "hot surf couple" stories.
    I'm new here and it's nice to learn new things about your life! Happy Easter Devon!

  7. don't you kill the image! hot surfer couple remains!

    ok, ok, i know. there's more to you both. it's true. great post, btw. and the passion of the christ had me reeling when i saw it (almost ten years ago!) in the theatres no less...

    hope you had a happy easter, devon!

  8. Hi Devon! I loved your post and the honesty with which you wrote it! That is why I like reading your blog, it's real and when I read all your posts - I do find a message about achieving your dreams in each one. Keep chasing your dream and keep writing. Also, thanks for sharing :)

  9. I just came across your blog from Emmy June - and I must say that I love this post. I can't really comment on what you've said since I haven't yet had a chance to read older posts - but judging from this post I think you're probably doing a good job reflecting who you are.

  10. I love you blog, you had me when you said you love Buffy the Vampire slayer :)

  11. Um, so I just read back through so many posts in your blog and you are an amazing writer- so inspiring Devon! And you couldn't be more right about people maybe misconstruing that you two are perfect, but you two certainly are beautiful, and I think you are a beautiful person with some amazing talents! And you look beautiful in that picture anyways- just so you know! Keep writing and inspiring....and did you show up to that blogger meet-up in La Jolla in March 2012? I think you were there and I might have met you. -Jessica L


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