Friday, February 24, 2012

Guys! (and I mean girls) What Should I Wear?

As you may know by now, since I put it all over twitter and facebook, my film "Glimpses" will be featured in The San Diego Surf Ladies First Annual Short Film Festival. I am stoked, to say the least. Mainstream surf media, in general, doesn't typically portray the role of women in the sport accurately nor give them the attention they deserve, but San Diego Surf Ladies is changing that and I am thankful to be a part of it in any little way I can. 

But now to a more important topic (joking):
 What the should I wear?

I love clothes. Come Christmas and my birthday I fantasize about what new outfit I might get to ask for. But I typically like clothes for road trips, playing outside or chilling at a bon fire. Which is one of the many reasons Roxy is a great sponsor for me. I, however, have an extraordinarily hard time dressing up for fancier events. Fortunately this is a surf event so the fact that I refuse to wear heals will be entirely acceptable. I tried on a few of my favorite Roxy dresses and now you, if you will be so kind, can help me make my decision. Roxy is brand that really promotes women and I feel so proud anytime I wear their clothes. 
So here goes...

Not an option
This is what I wear around the house. Comfortable, but obviously not the best choice for actually leaving the house. And don't judge me for the stuffed animals in the background. I warned you I have issues with change and growing up (and if you weren't around then, considered yourself informed). 

Option #1. Roxy's Ice Rink dress.
 This dress will be a warm option since the event is at night, but I will have to avoid stuffing myself with the wonderful food on offer, if you know what I mean. 
Side note: I have no idea why I look so melancholy. It is one of my favorite words to say, though. 

Option #2 another great Roxy dress.
I have a black sweater I can wear with this//There's a bit of a smile.

Option #3 by Roxy 
This is when I realized I should put the camera on a timer on our dresser. 
I only worry about this choice because I think I might be cold. 

That's it. What do you think? My stuffed animals showed no interest so I need your help!


  1. Cutest thing ever! You can't go wrong! This makes me want some cute Roxy stuff.

  2. You look so cute in ALL of them but I specially like #3... actually, I love it!

  3. i think threes my favorite (although there is a possibility its because you look the happiest in that picture...but i love the colors :)

  4. Thanks for your feedback guys (again, I mean girls, but I just can't help it)! I should have smiled in the other ones to make it more even, I was just so busy trying to get the camera to take a picture of me and not my feet or something irrelevant.

  5. #2 or #3...leaning towards 3....very cute dress!

  6. I love option #2, I think. I love both 2 and 3, but I think 2 is a bit more appropriate for evening? I don't know.

  7. You are adorable and I'm loving the last 2 looks for sure, that last dress is super cute and I love the colors! So glad I stumbled upon your lovely blog after seeing Devon left in a comment...that's my sister's name and how she spells it too! :) Hope you have a Wonderful Weekend ahead and fun at the festival!

    Liesl :)

  8. I love the third dress! But if you're worried about getting cold, then I would go with number two. You look great in all of them!

  9. Against the grain but I like number one. looks cozy and super cute. fits your body type

  10. one of the last two for sure!!

    no sweater go with the last one though just in case?

    such pretty choices, and you look great in them all!

  11. You "guys" are the best! Couldn't have done it without you! Still not committed to a choice, but I'm taking in every word.

  12. I really love #3 :)

    How cool that you're going to be in a movie! So awesome

  13. Firstly, congratulations!

    Secondly, all three dresses seem so fitting and perfect for the event. I love the third dress, but I hear ya on the cold factor. My blood runs cold! If you don't have anything to wear over it, I would choose the second dress.

    Enjoy your weekend, D!

  14. Option 3, hot lady. Fashion knows no temperature.

    {on an unrelated note, may I suggest that you turn off the catpha word verification for commenting?}

  15. @Emily, yes I will! I has no idea it was on and I despise those things

  16. I'm quite new follower and your blog is so nice! :)

    I vote for number 3, all these dresses are really beautiful! If the weather is colder, I would still put the nro 2.

  17. You should SEE the stuffed animals on our bed, no judgement here :) I love the last dress!

  18. i LOVE your dinosaur (: and refusal to grow up!! haha

    onto the important stuffs: i like number two THE BEST, because it feels season appropriate..

    my second choice would be the last one, because it looks exactly like YOU (:

    good luck!

  19. I love them all, but I love numba 3. It's so fresh and fun.

  20. I love 2! But the cut of 3 is super cute as well. But 2 seems more for something in the evening.

  21. I am absolutely hopeless at making decisions like this! I like all of them!

  22. Thank you all do much for your input. I really enjoyed reading your comments! I went with #2 since it was rather cold last night. The event was really special. I will give you the full report tomorrow. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

  23. Oh...I love the last one! Have fun!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  24. My favorite is #3! (paired with a bright colored cardigan maybe, for warmth?)
    Second choice, #1.

    Congrats on your film being featured!


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