Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The West Indies- Wind Writing Chapter 2: This Isn't a Vacation...

Rough seas.

That's about all I could write in my journal as we sailed through them on the third day of our West Indies sailing trip.We had been sailing south now for two days, but our previous voyage was much more peaceful. 

     The whole family sat outside on the back of the boat we chartered and even though the choppy seas caused problems that threatened the quality of our boat's interior, no one attempted to attend to them at this point for fear of seasickness.

    Seasickness while at sea wasn't something you recovered from easily. Most of us already felt it and one of us demonstrated it, but the sounds of their sickness were muffled by the crashing plates and cups that flew from the kitchen cabinets and shattered on the wood floor inside. 

     The conditions we sailed in were created by "Christmas Winds", a local had warned. These reinforced trade winds occurred in the Caribbean during the winter months and were caused by a high pressure system in the Atlantic colliding with a low pressure system in the southern Caribbean. 

    Today we had to sail 45 nautical miles to our destination, easily an eight hour sail. The classic time travel question "are we there yet?" wasn't something you considered asking because you knew we weren't even close and the true distance from our destination was too discouraging to be aware of. This was the longest sail of the trip. The following days would only include two to three hour sails from one harbor to the next.

    This wasn't a vacation though, this was an adventure and mixed in with all the chaos were the breath stealing moments; the ones you looked back on when times were heavier. I would hold on to the feeling I got watching the sail catch the wind. It was like watching fire works go off for the first time. I would hold on to the feeling of experiencing nature's gifts with my family. When my stomach had settled, I wrote in my journal: these are the memories that matter.  

Christmas wind information source: the Caribbean Weather Center 

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  1. Ah I am so jealous you're sailing right now! My family did a trip like this to the Virgin Islands, though the longest haul we had to make was only about an hour in stormy weather. Enjoy it!

  2. Thanks Laura! We are actually already back and I am just now getting around to publishing the story (we didn't have the internet there). That's awesome you've done a similar trip! We'll have to talk about it sometime.

  3. Beautiful writing Devon :)

    I get soooo sea sick, I never would have lasted {or signed up in the first place for fear of being trapped on a puke-making-machine} hahaha.

  4. what a beautiful scene!!! i hate seasickness...i always get it.

    love your travel posts!

  5. that looks like so much fun...minus the seasickness!! we sailed through the bvi's a couple years ago! it was one of my favorite trips! we had some smooth seas though...thank goodness :) love the caribbean.


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