Monday, January 9, 2012

Tricks: Tail Slide

This is definitely one of the easier surf tricks, which is why I can explain it to you. I love tail slides because you can do them on many different sections and they feel playful and fun. Plus, they open the gate to more advanced maneuvers. 

Step one: 
For your first attempt, try this maneuver on a softer, crumbly section like the one pictured. Approach the lip with a bit of speed (the more you have the further you can slide) and a nice bottom turn (but not too deep or you will loose your speed). Travel up the wave face at about 45 degrees, aiming for the white wash or the lip. 

Step two: 
As you reach the lip or white wash section at the top of the wave you should begin to rotate your board by turning your body (head, arms, hips) towards the beach. 
**Turning your back arm forward will really get this turn going.
Step three:
Stay centered over your board the whole time and throw your weight forward as it can be very easy to come off the back of the wave or fall on your back. 
Step 4:
Keep weight on your front foot to allow the tail to slide. Your back foot should be on your tail pad. Bend your knees and stay low to help you keep your balance.
*note: you don't need to make the ridiculous face I make to pull this off.
Step 5:
When you are ready to stop the slide put some weight on your back foot to engage the fins and turn your body so you are riding forward again. Your board will turn the way your head and shoulders do.

Add this to your bag of tricks.


  1. piece of cake. could totally do that.

    no. no i couldnt.

  2. I just found your blog! I used to love surfing to whatever country I traveled to!! Excited to keep reading....

  3. wow, i am so to your blog...hope you have a good day!

  4. @ Megan too funny :)

    @ Shelia welcome! Stoked to have you here. I checked your blog out too. It's awesome!!

    @Geezees I'm glad you stopped by! Welcome! Thanks for your sweet comment :). Your canvases are amazing!

  5. You do a really good job of explaining this! I'm going to try to remember your words the next time I'm in the water. Maybe you can show me next time we surf together too.


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