Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Look Back at 2011

On New Years eve I tried to remind myself that the start of a New Year is a good thing, an exciting thing, but, considering the fact that I hate change and enjoyed 2011 so much I felt a little sad as we counted down the last seconds of it. 
2011 was big! It was busy! It was one of the most monumental years of my/our life so far (do the exclamation marks really hit my point home?)!
We got married, we moved in together, we traveled, I quit my job. 
And there were other things too. 
In January we finished our family vacation/surf excursion to Samoa and I decided I needed to be less fearful and challenge myself to try things (both in surfing and in life) that I wasn't as comfortable with. 
We also celebrated 7 years of being best friends. 
In March I wrote a poem about prospering in your life, speaking largely to myself, but didn't have much other time to write. This made me sad and got me thinking about what I really wanted and needed to do in life. 
In the spring we camped with friends and celebrated our birthdays (and most of our families'). We also continued to plan our big day.
In June I enjoyed some special wedding showers and a wildly fun bachelorette party. 
Oh ya, and I quit my job (although I still manage properties, but I quit the main one) after realizing there was no time like right now to follow my heart (plus, doing so allowed me to give myself points for trying something I was afraid of). I also began to realize that putting too much weight on the opinions of others was holding me back. 
In early July Scott enjoyed a mobile Bachelor party with 5 buddies. They took a camper van up the California coast in search of waves. This picture alone tells a good story, if you ask me.
Late July came around and so did our friends and family. It was time to celebrate. Not just that though, it was time make a promise to each other that we would keep forever. It was time to become Mr. and Mrs., to become a family. And so we did. It felt more right than anything I've ever done before. It was the first change in my life I didn't reject on any level.
One day really isn't long enough considering all the planning that goes into it. Does anyone else agree? But it was perfect. It was so real and yet so surreal at the same time. Some moments time moved so slowly that I even noticed details like the happy lines next to Scott's eyes when he smiled. Other moments I couldn't remember what I had eaten and who I had talked to. 
Then it was all over, the wedding that is, and our marriage started with a trip to Thailand. It was exotic and relaxing. Plus we scored some fun waves
In August we also traveled to Vancouver (from Thailand) for our friend's wedding and then to New York and Boston to move our sisters into college. It was incredible, but by the end of it all I was in need of some serious down time.
In September Scott started teaching again (and got stitches in his lip from surfing). I started trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. I wrote some articles for surf magazines and began re-building my blog, in an attempt to set my dreams in motion. 
Southern California surf was red by day and glowing blue at night thanks to an extended stay from the red tide. 
Scott enjoyed snapping some photos.
In October we had some great weather and memorable surf sessions. We also celebrated a special friend's birthday!
In November I road tripped to San Francisco to visit friends. Scott flew in to meet me on the weekend. On Sunday a bucket list item was checked off for us both as we watched Kelly Slater win his 11th world title in person (all thanks to a points miscalculation that allowed us be there). At the end of the month we celebrated a very special Thanksgiving with the DeMint's. I also got 7 stitches after falling at a children's playground. Really?
December arrived. We prepared for Christmas and threw a party! Scott enjoyed two weeks of work and two weeks off (yay!). I cleaned house, both physically and mentally. 
We left Christmas day for a new adventure, traveling with my side of our family to sail the West Indies for two weeks. I plan to post a story from the trip each Wednesday starting next week. 
And there you have it, one great big year summed up just like that (or was that like really long? Maybe no one is even reading this still...). 
It is sad for me to see it end because I hate when good things are over, but I have to be thankful that these memories happened at all. And I am. I really, really am because these memories, the adventures shared with family and friends, are the kind you keep forever. 

*A special thanks to all of you who made this year of our lives so special!


  1. Very inspiring! You really make living a priority.

  2. I read it all the way to the end! I love how I can get a sense of what a caring person you are from the way you write. You guys had an amazing year. I look forward to being a part of your 2012! Big waves and all. :)

  3. Devon, I read your blog faithfully! Keep it up!
    Traci (and Denise) now of Seattle!
    PS they surf in Washington too!! :)

  4. @ anonymous thank you so much! We try to, at least.

    @Christy thanks! That is seriously so nice of you to say. We can't wait to share some good memories with you guys in 2012 too in many ways and waves :)

    @Traci (and Denise) so glad you guys found me over here on this little blog of mine. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a comment to me. It means a lot. We hope you guys are doing well up there!

  5. Great style and good taste.

  6. Yup, I read it all. Looks like an amazing year! New beginning and dreams being born. I hope this next year exceeds 2011 and is beyond all you could ask or imagine!

  7. What an incredible year!

    I found your blog via Talesofmeandthehusband and am so glad that I found it! What an exciting live you lead :)

  8. @ Heather way to stick with it ha. Thanks for your sweet words! I hope the same for you and your family.

    @Brhea yay and welcome! Thanks for sending me a comment. I'm so glad you found me. This blogging community is great! I just checked your blog. Very, very cute! I already shared that pinterest thai recipe with my sister.

  9. Just found your blog thanks to La Mia Vita!
    Your wedding photos are gorgeous!

  10. Sounds like a really, really great year. I'm excited for you for the year ahead though, I think you'll do great things. Love the pics with Kelly Slater!! And I'm enjoying reading your West Indies adventures.



  11. @Catherine Thank you so much! That is such a sweet comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to write me and I'm stoked you are here!

  12. Looks like it was one phenomenal year... here is to many more like it!



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