Friday, January 13, 2012

A Good Hair Day

I'm going to share the story of our whole West Indies sailing trip with you starting next week. I don't even know where to begin with sharing the footage collected, however, since we took over 3,000 pictures and videos. This video may seem a very odd place to start considering it is a largely over exposed look at a pretty uneventful moment. To me it is significant though, because we couldn't have done this trip without helping each other. 
This is a video of my dad brushing my sister Maddie's tangled hair. Her hair turned into a matted mess from the humidity and water time (and frankly, I don't think she had brushed it at all). 


  1. seriously sweet. thanks for sharing

  2. one thing i noticed is how you can hear the song from your samoa video playing in the background. it's like the theme song for your family trips. not sure that was on purpose or not, but very cool

  3. @anonymous :) thanks

    @dakota so glad your noticed. it was not purposeful, but I did notice it myself , with a smile,,,

  4. Love this. It's the little things like this you'll always remember and it's nice to have videos to remind you!
    Reminds me of when my dad used to (attempt to) brush/style my hair when I was little. Not as graceful as your dad but still a sweet memory to carry!


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