Friday, December 9, 2011

Cleaning House

Ok, so I'm kind of embarrassed to show you this. I like to think of myself as an organized "neat freak", but the following pictures will challenge that. At least you've seen the rest of my house, so you know that I'm usually not this messy. And, in my defense, this is our garage and our only storage space. And there are so many spiders in there! Alright, enough excuses. This mess, and consequently this clean up, led me to an important personal lesson about only allowing the past to remind me of good memories and lessons and not allowing it to create chaos in the present. 


I was dreading cleaning the garage, and it wasn't just because of the time, the headache or the spiders. I realized it was because I didn't want to awaken the dormant reminders that had settled within that littered space. 
There were cards, pictures and letters from my old students that would remind me of how inspiring they were and how important they made me feel. There were teacher documents that would remind me of some of the people I worked with and how unimportant I let them make me feel
I found honeymoon ticket stubs laying there and boxes that once wrapped wedding gifts.
The things from school reminded me of frustrating experiences that had happened and the things from the wedding reminded me of a joyful experience that was over, forever. I'd shoved anything I didn't want to deal with over the past 6 months, both physically and mentally, into that corner of our garage.  

But it was time for me to clean house.

Art supplies I can actually use now that they are organized.
Beach items I've collected for art sorted and displayed
 I needed to let go of the past so I could live in the present. I needed to clean the clutter out of my life. Cliche, I know, but also very true.  As I cleaned I began to move on. 
And when everything was in its rightful place-on a shelf or happily in my memories-I felt so much freer than before.

What do you need to clean in your "house"?


  1. Beautiful work and message. I love how you write from your heart. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. That's a nice looking mess but you manage to get the hold of it.


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