Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kelly Slater & Letting Go: Part 1

    It couldn’t have been more than 50 degrees outside, but I was sweating as I watched the policeman scan my license and registration. The result-a speeding ticket for 80 in a 65. And my hopeful apology and remorseful tears fell ineffectively at his shoes as he handed me the proof.
 Even my lead foot wasn’t going to get me up Highway 101 fast enough to make Kelly’s 11th world title winning heat. As this realization reached my heart I wore the disappointment it brought all over my face. 
    The next morning I awoke on an air mattress at my friend Nicole’s apartment in San Francisco. My first thought: check the internet to see if the contest would run. Even though Kelly, now referred to as Ke11y, had won the world title the event still had five rounds to complete. 
    I called my friend Filip and arranged to pick him up so we could check out the contest. From what I could tell on the live web camera the waves looked nice, even friendly (not usually the case at Ocean Beach). We arrived at the expansive beach around 11am. I had every intention of not only watching the contest, but of surfing along side it. 
     We parked the car, trudged through the sand, stood at the shoreline and watched as the rain clouds opened up above us. I was too late again.

pre-ticket (hence the smile) pit stop in Ventura
rained out

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