Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kelly Slater & Letting Go: Part 3

       Friday was a beautiful day in San Francisco. It was as though fall had settled in the city over night. Outside it was clear and bright, but crisp as well. 
       My friend Nicole and I made our way through many unique parts of the city. 
       We started in the Richmond, wandered to Nob Hill, had sparkling wine at Top of the Mark (we're pretty fancy, you know), ate lunch in China Town for $10 (not that fancy), visited the Cable Car Museum, met our friends for dinner and drinks in North Beach and finished the day down at the Marina. 
      Nicole was one of my roommates in college. She is smart, creative and funny and I am so glad we are friends. She knew so much about the city and introduced me to some great new sights. 
       San Francisco, with it's varying communities, seemed like a life sized quilt to me. Each section had its own style.
      That evening I picked Scott up from the airport and moved my things over to another college roommate's San Francisco apartment. We would be staying with Basia and Filip for the next two nights. 
       Basia is kind of a conundrum. She sews, travels and sleeps in her spare time, but writes computer programs at Google for a living. Even with such a high pressure job she is still the most laid back person I know. I look up to her a lot. 

[l] casey and I circa 2004 (i lost a bet) [r] napa
       The next morning Scott, Basia, Filip and I joined a big group of our friends on a wine tasting excursion to Napa. It was a birthday celebration for the celebration king, Casey Moore. Casey, unlike Basia and Nicole, has never been my roommate, but even our first meetings led me to believe we would be friends for life. 
       It rained for 99% of our Napa adventure, but everyone was too consumed with the company surrounding them to worry about the weather.

       I had completely forgotten about the surf contest until Sunday morning when I got ahold of a computer and I realized that Kelly Slater's celebrated world title had been revoked on account of a miscalculation. Scott and I dragged Basia and Filip out of bed and down to the ocean for what became the day Kelly slater officially became Ke11y Slater (at least for now). 
       It felt incredible to witness Kelly's 11th world title win. It felt like getting that unrealistic Christmas gift you asked for just for the hell of it, but never expected to open. Time moved slowly, as it tends to when fantasies are realized, while we watched Kelly come out of a impossible barrel and exit the water onto the same sand we were standing in. As I took pictures from Scott's shoulders (ya, it was awesome, me and some tiny kids getting the best view in the house!) I hardly even looked at my camera as it shot off photos. I was too busy taking in the feeling of the moment. And you know what else was great? Sharing it with friends. 
   So I guess the moral of the story is, not everything goes according to plan, but if you are willing to let life take you for a ride then you are in for some great surprises. It's all about letting go and having faith. How else would Kelly have won so many world titles?  

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