Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kelly Slater & Letting Go: Part 2

   It rained the remainder of my second day in San Francisco, but I tried to enjoy life’s sense of humor and return my focus to its rightful place-on this special time with friends. After all, the purpose of this trip wasn’t to see Ke11y Slater or even to surf, it was to reunite and celebrate with the remarkable people I met in college. 
The itinerary-
Wednesday and Thursday night at Nicole’s 
Friday and Saturday night at Basia and Filip’s
Saturday in Napa for Casey's birthday
Looong drive home to San Diego on Sunday

       Thursday evening Nicole, Filip and I ate Vietnamese food for lunch and then headed over to Haight and Ashbury. We wandered Haight street for a while, but experienced our best adventure as the street ended and transformed into Golden Gate Park. We found ourselves captivated by a 35 foot rope structure we initially deemed way too dangerous. Climbing to the top made me remember how important it is to always keep the child within you alive and that hanging around with people who help you achieve this is key. 
   I had to let go of my dream of seeing Kelly Slater win a world title. It was painful because I had been so close and I wasn't sure I would have the same opportunity again. But was it necessary? Of course. If I didn't let it go I would have missed the beauty of the present moment. The expressions on my friend's faces, the sounds of their voices when they were excited, thoughtful, silly, and the wonderful feeling I had when I was with them. This trip made me remember that life is incredible because of the people you spend it with and that every moment is an opportunity for adventure and discovery. 

[l to r] me, Nicole, Filip at a bar on Haight street enjoying the moment. 

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