Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wanders in Wonderland Chapter 1: Beautiful Boredom

    Sometimes I sickly miss that feeling of searching for something to do with my time. Now that I have fallen into adulthood, whatever that truly means, I feel I am seeking an absence of routine and predictability so that my mind can wander to undiscovered places. 
    In my childhood I remember many opportunities to daydream. Time to let my thoughts wander and then use the inspiration I found from those wanderings to dictate my daily conduct.  I didn’t realize this until recently, but in my adulthood these moments are fleeting, like a wave washing onto the beach. 
    Really this fantasy of escape from reality is what surfing represents in my life now. For small periods of time during the day I sneak away to what seems like a place from my dreams. To fly, to swim, to enter a land of other beings. A place where I can create and imagine. To conquer things that seem grand, even though they are only small. Surfing makes me feel like a child again. 
    This Summer I have been fortunate enough to take three weeks away from my job as a preschool teacher. With this time my plan is strictly to daydream and then forge plans to chase and catch these dreams. Boredom now suddenly seems like a beautiful word. For in moments where you search for something to do with your time, you can take yourself to a place outside of ordinary existence. That is why the trip I am about to take is a wander in wonderland.

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