Sunday, December 27, 2009

Peru-The Lessons of Fear Preface

     Adventure is a word I throw around a lot. “Life is an adventure”, “Let’s make this an adventure”, “I can’t wait for the next adventure”. But there is something key to these “adventures” that has made them so enticing, so manageable. 
    On each adventure I have taken in the past I have always been surrounded by the familiar company of either my family or my boyfriend, Scott. This adventure to Peru would be different. I would be traveling with my surf friend and neighbor, Roberta, and her friend Alexis. I felt excited and privileged to travel with these two women. It was an amazing opportunity. The only thing was that, for me, this was uncharted territory and I was nervous. 
    This may sound silly to people who have spent a lot of time doing solo missions around the globe, but I was nervous to travel without Scott. Traveling to me is one of the best things I think a person can do for themselves and the world, but this was a first for me. I would be without my faithful companion in a third world country far from home.  
     Before I left I asked Scott if I could take something of his with me to remind me of him while I was away. He joked about it and said he’d give me some old socks.
     It was clear to me already that this trip would be characterized by me facing my fears. 

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