Monday, August 29, 2011

Glimpses of Growth Preface

     The ocean is like a friend. The kind of friend you can bring your problems to. The kind of friend who enjoys your creativity. The kind of friend who keeps you company. More than anything the ocean is the kind of friend who keeps you in line. 
    The friends I met in college, my best friends now, represented not just new friendship for me at a time when I needed it, they are associated with an awakening of the spirit I had at the time I met them eight years ago. I have experienced so much love in my relationships with my friends. This exchange of love has made me who I am. 
    At first I found it funny, like you maybe do, that I would be writing so much about my friends as I packed for my honeymoon to Thailand. 
    The truth is I probably wouldn’t be on this honeymoon without my friends. There’s no way I would have had the courage to go to Scott’s house by myself when we first met. I wouldn’t have had the same confidence that he was attracted to. I wouldn’t have been the same person. 
   I truly believe that everything and everyone is in our lives for a reason. Thailand had purpose in our lives. More than just a honeymoon getaway. That specific sand and water was destined to greet us. Those kind and eccentric people were meant to impart their Thai spirit onto us. The scenery was meant to open our eyes to growth and new understanding. I can feel it already.

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