Sunday, August 21, 2011

Glimpses of Growth Chapter 1- First Glimpse

 I was aware of the fact that I was married now, even though the actual day that made it official still seemed like a dream. And we were on our honeymoon in Thailand. 
    I looked up for a moment and caught a glimpse of the lazy clouds that hovered casually over the road we drove along. As the sultry sun shone through them I could see the color variations; white on top dimming into a soft indigo color on the bottom. They seemed to look back at me and appeared graceful and untroubled as they gently moved with the wind, gathering the moisture they would soon return to dependent vegetation. 
    It was the utter contentment I felt about marrying Scott that made my observations in this moment so clear. I felt like I was looking through new eyes; wider eyes that could see more. 
    What I saw in my mind of Thailand before we left failed to represent the beauty I saw before me. I had been to many tropical countries before, yet nothing here seemed familiar. Variations of trees covered the land like a quilt, relenting at the shoreline and transforming into long stretches of sugary sand that led into mysterious waters. 
    I felt insignificant amidst its beauty and realized this as our small rental scooter puttered quickly but cautiously along the roads of this thriving land. As the scooter crept up the hill we played peek-a-boo with ocean scenery that stirred my soul.
    What I understood at that moment was that your eyes always look towards what you need to see. I needed to see the details of this unfamiliar place so that they could awaken within me a love for it. This glimpse made me realize that I needed to take the love emanating from the land while leaving love as I traveled around it. This would be the way we would grow on this trip.

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