Sunday, January 30, 2011

Undaunted Chapter 1: Somewhere South

    Sometimes before I leave for a trip I have a strong feeling about the life values it will accent.  Does that ever happen to you? For example, before I left for Peru I was terrified to go without my fiance or my family. I knew that, that trip fell into my life to teach me lessons about fear. I didn’t have that same intuition about this trip to Samoa yet. 
    While packing my suitcase my thoughts jumped from many different subjects. “Am I brining enough t-shirts? Do I really want to wear that dress on New Years?” and so on. As I pushed two more bathing suits into the mesh pouch on my suitcase lid, I began to think about how lucky I was to be going on a family vacation to the South Pacific. My parents work really hard to give us these wonderful opportunities. I’m inspired by a lifetime of observing them chase and catch their dreams. 
    They’re not afraid to feel. Their not afraid to fall. And there was the lesson. This trip would give color to the values of my life. The values shown to me by my parents. 

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