Friday, July 2, 2010

Wanders in Wonderland Chapter 5: Perspective

   I had originally set out on this voyage because I felt that the playful moments from my childhood were missing from my adult life. I wanted to get away from everything that didn’t evoke inspiration. 
    I just wanted to awaken my daydreams where I was a reckless adventurer instead of a boring adult. I wanted to play and roam free. Surfing allows me to do exactly this so it seemed appropriate to use it as a means to achieve these feelings daily. As I would soon find out, it shouldn’t, however, be the only way. 
    One evening I gushed to my father about how much I loved this trip. “It gives me the feelings I want out of life” I explained. A stillness hung between us. I thought he would have filled this silence with some comment relating to how I needed to make a change to my life if I wasn’t finding adventure and joy from what I was doing. Instead, he looked up at me and said 
    “Everyday is an adventure. You just have to be open to embracing them.” 
    Prior to this excursion I felt that surfing was one of the only ways I could experience adventure and freedom in an adult world. After listening to my dad’s advice I now realize that I need to recognize and produce pleasures in all life experiences. Every day has potential to be filled with adventure.
    I thought this trip would give me perspective on how to change my life. In the end this trip taught me how to change my life perspective.

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  1. Your dad sounds like he knows what he's talking about, and he's so right. I needed a reminder in that right now, because I've been feeling like my life has been so dull, just waiting for those moments like shopping with my mom or going out with friends. I actually had to read the post twice, because part of me didn't seem to want to understand. It was easier once I took the advice more personally, seeing how it could fit not into just any life but my own. So thank you for sharing this.


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