Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wanders in Wonderland Preface: Straycation

“All we have is a broken boat” Scott remarked one evening as we drove down the 101. Although our expedition has changed faces, it hasn’t changed our hearts....
    This is the preface to a month long story I will write about my wanderings with friends on an expedition not too far from home.
    Around this time of year I am usually itching to get away from my day to day routine, to dip my feet into foreign waters and saunter across settled sands. This summer, however, Scott and I, along with our friend Jason and my Dad, have opted for a more convenient travel itinerary. We will submerge ourselves in local waters, stray into native lands but delight in unrevealed emotions.  
    We had originally set our sights on a two week escape at sea on our 40 foot sailboat, but when our hopes of finding an engine in time collapsed we turned our smiles on new adventures. There are ways to make your dreams happen even if it’s not exactly how you imagined it. Although our expedition has changed faces, it hasn’t changed hearts. After all, proximity to home never stopped my adventures as a child, why should it stop me now?

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