Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wanders in Wonderland Chapter 2: Entrancing Escape

My mind feels uncertain, but my feet feel strong. 
They feel like they’ve been searching for this path all along.
The rocks are sharp, the water is cold.
A little part of me feels like I am again ten years old.
I crawl across the surface like a crab.
I hope that this adventure will not turn out bad.
The sea rushes into the cave like it doesn’t know how to behave.
My heart rushes. 
A little blood out of my leg gushes, but I move on towards the opening on the other side.
This little rock cavern is the perfect place to hide.
I’m finally outside. 
I feel free, though this feeling doesn’t come from being out of the cave’s reach.
I find myself here.

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