Sunday, March 22, 2009

El Salvador

     I remember trying to talk Scott into going on this trip. He thought it was too expensive and he wasn't sure we should be doing this kind of travel right out of college. We got in a fight about it while we were running errands on this quaint shopping street near our house. It was December. Cheerful shoppers were brushing past our car on their way to buy gifts and there we were, sitting in our car trying to figure out who was right. I remember feeling really bad halfway through that argument because I thought I was asking Scott to do something he wasn't totally excited about. A few weeks later he changed his mind and we reserved two spots on the El Salvador Go with a Pro Surf Trip. The pro that was going on our trip was musician Donavan Frankenreiter, whom we both respected as a musician and a surfer. 
     I can't believe I am actually putting this in writing, let alone on the Internet, but Scott is right in most many of our conversations. He's just more easy going, and I am much more prone to freaking out about unnecessary things. That being said, I was right on this one. When I look back on this argument now, I'm glad I was being so pushy about going. It was a really good time. I know Scott agrees.